go along
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همراه رفتن ، همراهی کردن ، (مج). موافق بودن
go along phrasal verb (see also go)

1. if you do something as you go along, you do it without planning or preparing it:
He was making the story up as he went along.
I never had formal training, I just learned the job as I went along.

2. to go to an event or a place where something is happening
go along to
I might go along to the meeting tonight.

3. to happen or develop in a particular way:
Things seem to be going along nicely.

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go along
go along (with (someone/something))
to accept something someone else wants.
The agreement will make them the highest-paid pilots in the industry, if union members go along.

The president has announced a plan to cut taxes, and Congress is likely to go along with it.

Related vocabulary: play ball with someone, play along with someone/something

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go along
to move along, to continue
The man invents his stories as he goes along.

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go along
1. To move along; continue.
Uncle Bill made up the story as he went along.
Compare: GO ON1.
2. To go together or as company; go for fun.
Often used with "with". Mary went along with us to Jane's house.
John just went along for the ride to the ball game. He didn't want to play.
When one filling station cuts gasoline prices, the others usually go along.
3. To agree; cooperate.
Often used with "with".
"Jane is a nice girl." "I'll go along with that," said Bill.
Just because the other boys do something bad, you don't have to go along with it.

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