go down
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غروب کردن ، غرق شدن ، روی کاغذ امدن ، پایین رفتن ، علوم مهندسی: روی کاغذ امدن ، کامپیوتر: خراب شدن
الکترونیک: خراب شدن ، کامپیوتر: روی کاغذ امدن ، علوم مهندسی: غروب کردن ، غرق شدن ، روی کاغذ امدن ، پایین رفتن

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go down
Synonyms: fall, drop, keel (over), pitch, plunge, slump, topple, tumble, set, decline, dip, sink, founder, go under, submerge, submerse, submit, succumb, surrender, happen, befall, betide, chance, come, come off, develop, do, fall out, go
Related Words: droop, sag, sink, cave (in), collapse, crumple, fold
English Thesaurus: decrease, go down, decline, diminish, fall/drop, ...

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go down phrasal verb (see also go)

1. GET LOWER to become lower in level, amount etc:
His income went down last year.
Computers have gone down in price.
go down by 10%/250/$900 etc
Spending has gone down by 2%.

2. STANDARD if something goes down, its quality or standard gets worse:
This neighbourhood has really gone down in the last few years.

3. go down well/badly/a treat etc
a) to get a particular reaction from someone:
His suggestion did not go down very well.
The movie went down very well in America.
The speech went down a treat with members (=members liked it very much).
The idea went down like a lead balloon (=was not popular or successful).
b) if food or drink goes down well, you enjoy it:
I’m not that hungry so a salad would go down nicely.

4. GO FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER to go from one place to another, especially to a place that is further south
go down to
We’re going down to Bournemouth for the weekend.
He’s gone down to the store to get some milk.

5. go down the shops/club/park etc British English spoken informal to go to the shops, a club etc:
Does anyone want to go down the pub tonight?

6. SHIP if a ship goes down, it sinks:
Ten men died when the ship went down.

7. PLANE if a plane goes down, it suddenly falls to the ground:
An emergency call was received shortly before the plane went down.

8. BECOME LESS SWOLLEN to become less swollen:
The swelling will go down if you rest your foot.

9. LOSE AIR if something that is filled with air goes down, air comes out and it becomes smaller and softer:
Your tyre’s gone down.

10. BE REMEMBERED [always + adverb/preposition] to be recorded or remembered in a particular way
go down as
The talks went down as a landmark in the peace process.
The carnival will go down in history (=be remembered for many years) as one of the best ever.

a) to lose a game, competition, or election:
The Hawkers went down 5–9.
go down by
The government went down by 71 votes.
go down to
Liverpool went down to Juventus.
b) to move down to a lower position in an official list of teams or players
go down to
United went down to the second division.

12. COMPUTER if a computer goes down, it stops working for a short time:
If one of the file servers goes down, you lose the whole network.

13. LIGHTS if lights go down, they become less bright:
The lights went down and the curtain rose on an empty stage.

14. SUN when the sun goes down, it appears to move down until you cannot see it any more

15. WIND if the wind goes down, it becomes less strong:
The wind had gone down but the night had turned chilly.

16. PRISON informal to be sent to prison:
He went down for five years.

17. HAPPEN spoken informal to happen:
the type of guy who knows what’s going down
What’s going down?

18. LEAVE UNIVERSITY British English formal old-fashioned to leave Oxford or Cambridge University at the end of a period of study

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go down
v. phr.
1. To deteriorate in quality.
This hotel, which used to be one of the best, has gone down during the past few years.
2. To become lower in price.
It is said that the price of milk is expected to go down soon.
3. To sink.
The Titanic went down with a lot of people aboard.

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