go into
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رسیدگی کردن ، شرکت کردن در ، پوشیدن
go into
Synonyms: explore, delve (into), dig (into), inquire (into), investigate, look (into), probe, prospect, sift

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go into something phrasal verb (see also go)

1. JOB [not in passive] to start to do a particular type of job:
I always wanted to go into nursing.
She’s thinking of going into business (=starting a business).

2. TIME/MONEY/EFFORT [not in passive] to be spent or used to get, make, or do something:
Years of research have gone into this book.
go into doing something
A great deal of time and effort has gone into ensuring that the event runs smoothly.

3. EXPLAIN to explain, describe, or examine something in detail:
I don’t want to go into the matter now.
I don’t want to go into details now.

4. COMPUTER [not in passive] to open a particular computer program, window, or file:
Go into your D drive.

5. BE IN A PARTICULAR STATE [not in passive] to start to be in a particular state or condition:
She went into labour at midnight and the baby was born at 8 am.
The company went into liquidation.

6. HIT [not in passive] if a vehicle goes into a tree, wall, or another vehicle, it hits it:
His car went into a lamppost in the high street.

7. DIVIDE [not in passive] if a number goes into another number, the second number can be divided by the first:
12 goes into 60 five times.

8. BEGIN TO MOVE IN A PARTICULAR WAY [not in passive] if a vehicle goes into a particular movement, it starts to do it:
The plane had gone into a steep descent.

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go into
1a. To go or fit inside of; able to be put in.
The table is too big to go into the closet.
1b. To be able to be divided into; be divisible into.
Two goes into four two times.
2. To enter a state or condition of; pass into.
John went into a fit of temper when he didn't get his own way.
The sick man went into a coma.
The country went into mourning when the king died.
3. To be busy in or take part in; enter as a job or profession.
The mayor went into politics as a very young man.
Mr, Johnson is going into business for himself.
Bill wants to go into law when he gets out of school.
Compare: GO IN FOR, TAKE UP(5b).
4. To start to talk about; bring up the subject of; examine.
We'll talk about the dead mouse after dinner, Billy. Let's not go into it now.
The teacher went into the subject of newspapers today.
Compare: LOOK INTO.

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