go off
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در رفتن (تفنگ) ، بیرون رفتن (از صحنه نمایش) ، اب شدن ، فاسد شدن ، مردن
go off
- explode, blow up, detonate, fire
- leave, decamp, depart, go away, move out, part, quit, slope off
- rot, go bad, go stale
English Thesaurus: decay, rot, go off, spoil, go mouldy, ...

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go off phrasal verb (see also go)

1. LEAVE to leave a place, especially in order to do something:
John decided to go off on his own.
go off to
He went off to work as usual.
go off to do something
Geoff went off to play golf.

2. EXPLODE to explode or fire:
The bomb went off at 6.30 this morning.
Fireworks were going off all over the city.
The gun went off and the bullet went flying over his head.

3. MAKE A NOISE if an alarm goes off, it makes a noise to warn you about something:
The thieves ran away when the alarm went off.
I’ve set the alarm clock to go off at 7 am.

4. STOP LIKING go off somebody/something British English informal to stop liking something or someone:
Many women go off coffee during pregnancy.
go off doing something
I’ve gone off cooking lately.

5. STOP WORKING if a machine or piece of equipment goes off, it stops working:
The central heating goes off at 9 o'clock.
Suddenly, all the lights went off.

6. go off well/badly etc to happen in a particular way:
The party went off very well.

7. HAPPEN British English spoken informal to happen Synonym : go on:
There was a blazing row going off next door.

8. DECAY British English if food goes off, it becomes too bad to eat:
The milk’s gone off.

9. SLEEP to go to sleep:
I’d just gone off to sleep when the phone rang.

10. GET WORSE British English informal to get worse:
He’s a singer whose talent has gone off in recent years.

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go off
1.go off
1). to begin to ring or buzz
The fire alarm started to go off just as we entered the building.

2). to explode
The firecracker went off before I could put it down.

2.go off (somewhere)
to leave/depart for somewhere
My friend went off on a trip and did not say good-bye.

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go off
1. To leave; to depart.
Helen's mother told her not to go off without telling her.
2a. To be fired; explode.
The firecracker went off and scared Jack's dog.
2b. To begin to ring or buzz.
The alarm clock went off at six o'clock and woke Father.
3. To happen.
The party went off without any trouble.
The parade went off without rain.

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