go on
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بفرمایید ، سخن خود را ادامه دهید ، بروید پی کارتان
go on
Synonyms: persevere, carry on, hang on, persist, behave, acquit, act, bear, carry, comport, conduct, demean, deport, quit
English Thesaurus: continue, last, go on, carry on, drag on, ...

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go on phrasal verb (see also go)

a) to continue doing something or being in a situation
go on doing something
He went on working until he was 91.
go on with
One of the actors was unwell and couldn’t go on with the performance.
I can’t go on like this for much longer.
b) to continue without stopping:
The noise goes on 24 hours a day.
The screaming went on and on (=continued for a long time).ongoing

2. HAPPEN to happen:
I don’t know what’s going on.
What were the children doing while all this was going on?
Like all good resorts, there is plenty going on.goings-on

3. DO SOMETHING NEXT to do something after you have finished doing something else
go on to do something
She went on to become a successful surgeon.
go on to
Go on to the next question when you’ve finished.

4. CONTINUE TALKING to continue talking, especially after stopping or changing to a different subject:
Go on, I’m listening.
‘But,’ he went on, ‘we have to deal with the problems we’re facing.’
go on with
After a short pause Maria went on with her story.

5. go on spoken
a) used to encourage someone to do something:
Go on, have another piece of cake.
b) used when you are agreeing to do something or giving permission for something:
‘Are you sure you won’t have another drink?’ ‘Oh, go on then.’
‘Can I go outside, Dad?’ ‘Yeah, go on then.’
c) (also go on with you) British English old-fashioned used to tell someone that you do not believe them

6. USE AS PROOF go on something to base an opinion or judgment on something:
Police haven’t much to go on in their hunt for the killer.

7. START TO WORK if a machine or piece of equipment goes on, it starts to work:
The heat goes on automatically at 6 o'clock.

8. TIME to pass:
As time went on, I grew fond of him.

9. BEHAVE British English informal the way someone goes on is the way they behave:
The way she’s going on, she’ll have a nervous breakdown.

10. be going on (for) 5 o'clock/60/25 etc to be nearly a particular time, age, number etc:
Nancy must be going on for 60.
She’s one of those wise teenagers who’s 16 going on 70 (=she behaves as though she is older than she is).

11. GO IN FRONT (also go on ahead) to go somewhere before the other people you are with:
Bill went on in the car and I followed on foot.

12. TALK TOO MUCH informal to talk too much:
I really like Clare but she does go on.
go on about
I got tired of him going on about all his problems.
He just went on and on about his new girlfriend.

13. CRITICIZE British English informal to continue to criticize someone or ask them to do something in a way that annoys them:
The way she went on, you would have thought it was all my fault.
go on at
Stop going on at me!
go on at somebody to do something
My wife’s always going on at me to dress better.
go on at somebody about something
He’s always going on at me about fixing the door.

14. DEVELOP British English spoken informal to develop or make progress

15. to be going on with/to go on with British English informal if you have enough of something to be going on with, you have enough for now:
Have you got enough money to be going on with?

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

go on
1. to be put on something, to fit on something
The top of the jar would not go on so I threw it in the garbage.

2. to continue
The game will probably go on for an hour after we leave.

3. to talk for too long
My friend started to go on about his problems so I decided to leave.

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go on
1a. To continue; not stop.
After he was hit by the ball, Billy quit pitching and went home, but the game went on.
The TV picture began to jump, and it went on like that until Father turned a knob.
I asked Jane a question but she went on reading and didn't answer.
Mother told Jim to stop, but he went on hitting Susan.
Synonym: KEEP ON.
1b. To continue after a pause; begin with the next thing.
"Go on! I'm listening," said Mother.
The teacher pointed to the map, and went on, "But the land that Columbus came to was not India."
Often used before an infinitive.
Father said Mother had gone to the hospital, and went on to say that Grandmother was coming to take care of us.
1c. (Of time:) To pass.
As time went on, Mary began to wonder if John had forgotten their date.
The years went on, and Betty's classmates became gray-haired men and women.
2. To happen.
Mr. Scott heard the noise and went to see what was going on in the hall.
The teacher knows what goes on when she leaves the room.
Synonym: TAKE PLACE.
3. To talk for too long, often angrily.
We thought Jane would never finish going on about the amount of homework she had.
4. To fit on; be able to be worn.
My little brother's coat wouldn't go on me. It was too small.
5. Stop trying to fool me; I don't believe you.
Used as a command, sometimes with "with".
When Father told Mother she was the prettiest girl in the world. Mother just said, "Oh, go on, Charles."
"Aunt May, your picture is in the paper." "Go on with you, boy!"

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