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کامپیوتر: برو به کامپیوتر: برو به

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go to somebody/something phrasal verb [not in passive] (see also go)

1. to begin to experience or do something, or begin to be in a particular state:
I lay down and went to sleep.
Britain and Germany went to war in 1939.

2. to be given to someone or something:
All the money raised will go to local charities.

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ˈgo-to adjective [only before noun] informal
the go-to person is someone who people always ask for help with a particular problem, because of their great skill or knowledge:
He's the go-to guy for questions about spreadsheets.

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go to
v. To be ready to do; start doing something.
When Jack went to write down the telephone number, he had forgotten it.

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