good faith
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ˌgood ˈfaith noun [uncountable]

با حسن نیت ، قانون ـ فقه: حسن نیت ، بازرگانی: از روی حسن نیت
good faith
Synonyms: bona fides, sincereness, sincerity, uberrima fides
Related Words: decency, decorum, propriety, seemliness, ethicality, morality, virtuousness

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ˌgood ˈfaith noun [uncountable]
when a person, country etc intends to be honest and sincere and does not intend to deceive anyone
in good faith
The company had acted in good faith.
sign/show/gesture etc of good faith
A ceasefire was declared as a sign of good faith.

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good faith
1. Belief in another person's honesty; trust.
Uncle Dick let me have the keys to his candy store to show his good faith.
Often used in the phrase "in good faith".
The teacher accepted Bob's excuse for being late in good faith.
2. Honesty of purpose; trustworthiness.
John agreed to buy Ted's bicycle for $20, and he paid him $5 right away to show his good faith.

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