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gossip /ˈɡɒsəp, ˈɡɒsɪp $ ˈɡɑː-/ noun
gossip verb [intransitive]

شایعات بی اساس ، شایعات بی پرو پا ، اراجیف ، بد گویی ، شایعات بی اساس دادن ، دری وری گفتن یانوشتن ، سخن چینی کردن ، خبر کشی کردن
- idle talk, blether, chinwag (Brit. informal), chitchat, hearsay, scandal, small talk, tittle-tattle
- busybody, chatterbox (informal), chatterer, gossipmonger, scandalmonger, tattler, telltale
- chat, blether, gabble, jaw (slang), prate, prattle, tattle
Related Idioms: dish the dirt, spill the beans, tell idle tales, tell tales out of school
Related Words: account, chronicle, conversation, story, tale, babble, banter, chatter, prate, chat, prattle, hint, imply, insinuate, intimate, suggest
English Thesaurus: conversation, discussion, talk, chat, natter, ...

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I. gossip1 /ˈɡɒsəp, ˈɡɒsɪp $ ˈɡɑː-/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: godsibb 'godparent, close friend', from god 'god' + sibb 'relative']

1. [uncountable] information that is passed from one person to another about other people’s behaviour and private lives, often including unkind or untrue remarks
gossip about
Here’s an interesting piece of gossip about Mrs Smith.
What’s the latest gossip?
Do you want to hear some juicy gossip?
She had no time for idle gossip.
It was common gossip how he felt about her.
You miss a lot of office gossip when you have a day off work.
On Sundays all the men gather in the square to exchange local gossip.

2. [countable usually singular] a conversation in which you exchange information with someone about other people’s lives and things that have happened:
Phil’s in there, having a gossip with Maggie.

3. [countable] someone who likes talking about other people’s private lives – used to show disapproval:
Rick’s a terrible gossip.

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II. gossip2 verb [intransitive]
to talk about other people’s behaviour and private lives, often including remarks that are unkind or untrue
gossip about
The whole town was gossiping about them.

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I. rumours about other people
ADJ. latest | common It's common gossip in the office that she's about to leave her husband.
idle, malicious, salacious, silly
QUANT. bit, piece, titbit I heard an interesting bit of gossip yesterday.
VERB + GOSSIP spread Someone has been spreading malicious gossip about me.
exchange, swap | hear, listen to, pay attention to You shouldn't listen to idle gossip.
GOSSIP + VERB circulate, go around/round A piece of silly gossip was going round the school.
GOSSIP + NOUN column, columnist I saw it in the gossip column of the local newspaper.
PREP. ~ about a magazine full of gossip about famous people

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II. conversation about other people
ADJ. good
PREP. ~ about We had a good gossip about the boss.
~ with She's having a gossip with Maria.

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the latest gossip
Annie usually has all the latest gossip.
juicy gossip (=interesting gossip)
He said that he had some especially juicy gossip to tell us.
hot gossip (=interesting gossip)
What’s the latest hot gossip going round at work then?
idle gossip (=gossip not based on facts)
She had no time for idle gossip.
common gossip (=gossip that everyone knows about)
Rumours about her affairs had become common gossip.
office gossip
He told her a few bits of office gossip which he though might interest her.
village gossip BrE:
She knew from village gossip how Harry had treated his first wife.
malicious gossip (=unkind gossip that is likely to upset someone)
Has someone been spreading malicious gossip?
a piece of gossip
I’ve got an interesting piece of gossip which might interest you.
be the subject of gossip (=be talked about)
His close friendship with Carol was the subject of gossip.
exchange gossip (=talk about other people and their private lives with someone)
They used to meet up and exchange gossip.
hear gossip
Have you heard the latest gossip about Steve?
listen to gossip
He was always willing to listen to gossip.
spread gossip
Someone’s been spreading gossip about Lucy and Ian.
gossip goes around (=it is told by one person to another)
It was a small village, and any gossip went around very quickly.

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BAD: She told me gossips about all her relations.
GOOD: She told me a lot of gossip about all her relations.

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