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govern /ˈɡʌvən $ -ərn/ verb

نافذ بودن ، حکومت کردن ، حکمرانی کردن ، تابع خود کردن ، حاکم بودن ، فرمانداری کردن ، معیف کردن ، کنترل کردن ، مقرر داشتن ، قانون ـ فقه: ناظر بودن بر
- rule, administer, command, control, direct, guide, handle, lead, manage, order
- restrain, check, control, curb, discipline, hold in check, master, regulate, subdue, tame
Related Idioms: be at the helm (or wheel), be in the driver's seat, hold the reins
Related Words: captain, command, head, administer, conduct, control, direct, manage, master, regulate, supervise, directionalize, guide, lead, shepherd, steer, boss, oversee

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govern W3 /ˈɡʌvən $ -ərn/ verb
[Word Family: noun: government, governor, governess, governorship; adjective: governmental, governing, gubernatorial; verb: govern; adverb: governmentally]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: governer, from Latin gubernare, from Greek kybernan 'to control the direction of something']

1. [intransitive and transitive] to officially and legally control a country and make all the decisions about taxes, laws, public services etc Synonym : rule:
the leaders who govern the country
The party had been governing for seven months.

2. [transitive] if rules, principles etc govern the way a system or situation works, they control how it happens:
legislation governing the export of live animals
The universe is governed by the laws of physics.

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ADV. well | directly The colony was governed directly from Paris.
VERB + GOVERN be fit/unfit to He accused the opposition party of being unfit to govern.

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