grab bag
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ˈgrab ˌbag noun

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grab   bag  

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ˈgrab ˌbag noun American English

1. [countable] a container filled with small presents that you put your hand in to pick one out Synonym : lucky dip British English

2. [singular] a mixture of different things or styles
grab bag of
The treaty covers a grab bag of issues.

3. [singular] informal a situation in which things are decided by chance

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grab bag
[American & Australian]
a mixture of different types of things.
Airlines are offering a grab bag of discounts, air miles and car rentals to attract customers.
(often + of)

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grab bag
1. A bag from which surprise packages are chosen; a bag in which there are many unknown things.
The woman paid a quarter for a chance at the grab bag.
The children brought packages to be sold from the grab bag at the school carnival.
2. A group of many different things from which to choose; a variety.
The TV program was a grab bag for young and old alike.

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