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graceless /ˈɡreɪsləs/ adjective

زشت ، بی نزاکت ، هرزه ، بی ظرافت ، قبیح
Synonyms: barbaric, barbarian, barbarous, outlandish, tasteless, vulgar, wild, infelicitous, awkward, ill-chosen, inept, unfortunate, unhappy
Antonyms: graceful

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graceless /ˈɡreɪsləs/ adjective

1. not being polite, especially when someone has been kind to you:
He was bad-tempered and graceless in defeat.

2. moving or doing something in a way that seems awkward Antonym : graceful:
The soldiers were graceless with their heavy packs and helmets.

3. something that is graceless is unattractive and unpleasant to look at Antonym : graceful:
graceless architecture
—gracelessly adverb

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