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grip /ɡrɪp/ noun
grip verb (past tense and past participle gripped, present participle gripping)

Irregular Forms: (gript)

گیر دادن ، ترمینال ، طرز گرفتن وسیله ، برش ، بریدگی برای گذراندن اب ، دستگیره ، چنگک ، گیره ، چنگ زنی ، چنگ ، نیروی گرفتن ، ادراک و دریافت ، ((grippe) طب) نزله وبایی نای ، زکام همه جاگیر ، انفلوانزا ، گریپ ، نهر کوچک ، نهر کندن ، محکم گرفتن ، چسبیدن به ، علوم مهندسی: بست ، معماری: جوی روباز کوچک ، ورزش: گرفتن ، علوم نظامی: قلاب
مهندسی صنایع: چنگ زدن ، گرفتن

[TahlilGaran] Persian Dictionary

- clasp, hold
- control, clutches, domination, influence, possession, power
- understanding, command, comprehension, grasp, mastery
- grasp, clasp, clutch, hold, seize, take hold of
- engross, absorb, enthral, entrance, fascinate, hold, mesmerize, rivet
Related Words: coercion, constraint, duress, restraint
English Thesaurus: hold, grip, clutch, clasp, get/take hold of something, ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. grip1 /ɡrɪp/ noun

1. FIRM HOLD [countable usually singular] the way you hold something tightly, or your ability to do this:
Hold the microphone in a firm grip and keep it still.
She felt her wrist caught in a vice-like grip.
Don’t loosen your grip on the rope or you’ll fall.
He released his grip and stepped back.

2. POWER [singular] power and control over someone or something
have/keep a grip on something
Stalin’s determination to keep an iron grip on Eastern Europe
tighten/loosen/relax your grip (on something)
By 1979 South Africa was tightening its grip on Namibia.
tight/firm/strong/iron etc grip
The recession could be avoided if business keeps a firm grip on its costs.

3. UNDERSTANDING [singular] an understanding of something
have/get a grip on something
I’m just trying to get a grip on what’s happening.
She was losing her grip on reality.

4. come/get to grips with something to understand or deal with something difficult:
I’ve never really got to grips with this new technology.

5. lose your grip to become less confident and less able to deal with a situation:
I don’t know what’s the matter; I think I’m losing my grip.

6. get/take a grip on yourself to start to improve your behaviour or control your emotions when you have been very upset:
Stop being hysterical and get a grip on yourself.

7. get a grip spoken used in order to tell someone to control their emotions:
For God’s sake get a grip!

8. be in the grip of something to be experiencing a very unpleasant situation that cannot be controlled or stopped:
a country in the grip of famine

a) [countable] a special part of a handle that has a rough surface so that you can hold it firmly without it slipping:
My racquet needs a new grip.
b) [singular, uncountable] the ability of something to stay on a surface without slipping:
boots which give a good grip

10. FOR HAIR [countable] British English a hairgrip

11. CAMERAMAN [countable] technical someone whose job is to move the cameras around while a television show or film is being made

12. BAG [countable] old-fashioned a bag or case used for travelling

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

II. grip2 verb (past tense and past participle gripped, present participle gripping)
[Language: Old English; Origin: grippan]

1. HOLD TIGHTLY [transitive] to hold something very tightly:
I gripped the rail and tried not to look down.
grip something tightly/firmly
The woman moved closer to Beth, gripping her arm tightly.

2. HAVE A STRONG EFFECT [transitive] to have a strong effect on someone or something:
a country gripped by economic problems
Panic suddenly gripped me when it was my turn to speak.

3. INTEREST SOMEBODY [transitive] to hold someone’s attention and interest:
a story that really grips you

4. NOT SLIP [intransitive and transitive] if something grips a surface, it stays on it without slipping:
Radial tires grip the road well.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. hold on sth
ADJ. firm, good, secure, strong, tight | cruel, crushing, fierce, iron, painful, punishing, vice-like Her upper arms were seized in an iron grip.
VERB + GRIP have He still had a firm grip on my arm.
get, take Taking a tight grip on the hook, he began to pull it towards himself.
keep Keep a secure grip on the rope at all times.
lose She slipped and lost her grip of the rope.
tighten Robert tightened his grip on her shoulder.
loosen, relax, release, slacken
GRIP + VERB tighten | loosen, relax, slacken His grip slackened and she tore herself away.
PREP. in a/sb's ~ Hold the microphone in a firm grip. She was powerless in his vice-like grip.
~ on She relaxed her grip on the door frame.

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II. power/control
ADJ. firm, iron, powerful, strong, tight, vice-like
VERB + GRIP have The Church does not have a strong grip on the population.
get, take The government needs to get a grip on this problem. (informal) Get a grip! (= take control of yourself, your life, etc.) | keep We need to keep a tight grip on costs.
strengthen, tighten They managed to strengthen their grip on the southern part of the country.
lose (informal) Sometimes I feel I'm losing my grip (= losing control of my life, etc.)
PREP. in sth's ~ Winter still held them in its iron grip. a country in the grip of recession
~ on The government does not seem to have a very firm grip on the economy.
PHRASES come/get to grips with sth (= to begin to take control of sth or understand sth difficult) I'm slowly getting to grips with the language.

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ADV. firmly, hard, tightly | gently, lightly
PREP. at She gripped hard at the arms of her chair.
by He gripped her gently by the shoulders.

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a firm/tight grip
The streets were crowded and she kept a tight grip on her bag.
a strong grip
Maggie took the boy's arm in a strong grip.
a good grip (=a grip with which you can keep hold of something)
The rocks were wet and slippery and it was difficult to get a good grip.
an iron/vice-like grip (=a very strong grip)
Victor took hold of her wrist in an iron grip.
have a grip
You need to have a good grip on your tennis racket.
get a grip (=hold something that is hard to hold firmly)
I got a good grip on the rope and pulled myself up.
take a grip
Mitch took a firm grip on her arm.
tighten your grip/your grip tightens (=hold something more tightly)
She tightened her grip on her son’s hand.
loosen/relax your grip (=hold something less tightly)
Lee loosened his grip on the dog’s collar.
release your grip (=let go of something)
The guard released his grip on the prisoner and pushed him into the cell.
lose your grip (=accidentally let go of something)
He shoved Higgins out of the way without losing his grip on the gun.

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See: come to grips with , lose one's grip

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