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gritty /ˈɡrɪti/ adjective

ریگ دار ، شن دار ، ریگ مانند ، با جرات
- rough, dusty, granular, gravelly, rasping, sandy
- courageous, brave, determined, dogged, plucky, resolute, spirited, steadfast, tenacious

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gritty /ˈɡrɪti/ adjective

1. showing determination and courage:
Henin gave a typically gritty performance, coming back from 4–0 down.
her gritty determination

2. showing a difficult or unpleasant situation as it really is:
Billingham’s pictures have a gritty realism which can be almost upsetting.

3. containing grit or covered in grit:
Gritty soil had got under her nails.

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