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ˌ52ˈ7 /ˌfaɪv tuː ˈsevən/ (also ˌ52ˌ7 group) noun [countable]
group /ɡruːp/ noun [countable]

حزب ، طبقه بندی بین اتومبیلها ، تعداد شیرجه های انجام شده از یک نقطه با یک روش ، گروه رزمی (یکان) ، ناو گروه ، گروه (یکانی که از دو گردان بیشتر استعداد داشته باشد) ، دسته بندی کردن ، انجمن ، جمعیت ، گروه بندی کردن ، دسته دسته کردن ، جمع شدن ، معماری: گروه ، قانون ـ فقه: شیعه ، شیمی: گروه ، روانشناسی: گروه ، بازرگانی: دسته بندی کردن ، ورزش: دسته ، تیرهای به هدف خورده کمانگیر ، علوم نظامی: طبقه بندی کردن
کامپیوتر: گروه کامپیوتر: گروه

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- set, band, bunch, cluster, collection, crowd, gang, pack, party
- arrange, bracket, class, classify, marshal, order, sort
Contrasted words: crowd, crush, horde, mob, press, rout, throng, disband, disperse, scatter, separate
Related Idioms: bring together, get together
Related Words: circle, clique, coterie, set, assemblage, collection, mess, shooting match, adjust, arrange, harmonize, organize, systematize, allocate, dispose, distribute, place, bunch, crowd, huddle
English Thesaurus: group, crowd, mob, mass, bunch, ...

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ˌ52ˈ7 /ˌfaɪv tuː ˈsevən/ (also ˌ52ˌ7 group) noun [countable]
a group in the US that tries to influence voters but is not officially connected with a political party or politician

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I. group1 S1 W1 /ɡruːp/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: groupe, from Italian gruppo]

1. [also + plural verb British English] several people or things that are all together in the same place
group of
a group of children
a small group of islands
Get into groups of four.
He was surrounded by a group of admirers.
in groups
Dolphins travel in small groups.
A group of us are going to London.

2. several people or things that are connected with each other:
a left-wing terrorist group
group of
She is one of a group of women who have suffered severe side-effects from the drug.
age/ethnic/income etc group (=people of the same age, race etc)
Minority groups are encouraged to apply.

3. several companies that all have the same owner ⇒ chain:
a giant textiles group
group of
He owns a group of hotels in southern England.

4. a number of musicians or singers who perform together, playing popular music Synonym : band
blood group, focus group, interest group, playgroup, pressure group, working group

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II. group2 verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] to come together and form a group, or to arrange things or people together in a group
group (something) together/round/into etc
The photo shows four men grouped round a jeep.
Different flowers can be grouped together to make a colourful display.
small producers who group together to sell their produce

2. [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to divide people or things into groups according to a system:
We were grouped into six age bands.
We’ve grouped the questions under three headings.

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ADJ. big, large, wide She has a very wide group of friends.
select, small The president met with a select group of senior ministers.
coherent, cohesive, tight, tightly-knit The strangers who came together for the course soon became a cohesive group.
minority Disabled drivers are an ever-growing minority group.
cultural, ethnic, racial | family The animals live in family groups of 10?20 individuals.
age, peer young people in this age group He started smoking because of peer-group pressure.
discussion a discussion group that meets once a month
self-help | action, pressure Local parents have formed an action group to campaign for better road safety.
splinter A few members of the party broke away to form a splinter group.
theatre | pop, rock | blood What blood group are you?
VERB + GROUP form, found, set up, start | divide sb/sth into We divided the class into small groups.
manage, run | become a member of, join | leave He left the group last year to pursue a solo career.
GROUP + VERB form The group formed back in 1992.
split up The group has split up and re-formed several times with different musicians.
GROUP + NOUN member
PREP. as a ~ The gorillas go foraging for food as a group.
in a/the ~ There are fifteen of us in the group.
within a/the ~ Within a group, each individual had a definite status.
~ of a group of young mothers

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ADV. closely | loosely | thematically Works in the exhibition are grouped thematically.
PREP. according to Eggs were grouped according to colour and size.
around/round They sat grouped around the fire.
by The children were grouped by age.
in/into These stories can be loosely grouped into three types.
with The England team was grouped with Uruguay and Holland.
PHRASES group sth under a heading The names were grouped under four different headings.

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a member of a group/a group member
Frank was invited to be a member of the group.
a group of three, four, five etc
There was a group of three at the bar, two men and a woman.
an age group
Older people are being affected by the economic downturn more than other age groups.
an ethnic group (=one whose members belong to a particular race or nation)
The university welcomes enquiries and applications from all ethnic groups.
a minority group (=one whose members belong to a different race, religion etc from most other people in a country)
Conditions for many minority groups have worsened.
a racial group
Schools should not stereotype pupils from certain racial groups as troublemakers.
a social group (=a group of people from a particular class in society)
Lower social groups had a higher average family size.
an income group
The budget will affect people differently, according to their income group.
sb’s peer group (=people of the same age, social group etc)
Many girls at school derive enormous strength from their peer groups.
a pressure group (=one that tries to make the government do something)
Friends of the Earth is Britain’s leading environmental pressure group.
a protest group
They formed a protest group and a petition of 50,000 signatures was presented at the town hall.
a splinter group (=that has separated from another political or religious group)
A Social Democratic Party ( SDP), formed as a splinter group of the Socialist Party of Serbia.
a close-knit/closely-knit/tightly-knit group (=in which everyone knows each other well and gives each other support)
The young mothers in the village are a fairly close-knit group.
a support group (=a group that meets in order to help the people in it deal with a difficult time)
She set up a support group for people suffering from the same illness.
a control group (=a group used in an experiment or survey to compare its results with those of another group)
A control group had to be examined as well as the group that we are studying.
a group decision
Being involved in a group decision can help motivate workers.
a group discussion
The course includes both individual work and group discussions.
a group leader
There were three groups of eight people, each with a group leader.
belong to a group
Ben belonged to an environmental group.
get into groups
The teacher asked the students to get into groups.
organize something into groups
Small children work best when they are organized into very small groups.
join a group
He joined a self-help group for divorced men.
leave a group
Rebecca left the group following a disagreement.
a pop/rock/jazz group
They’re one of the most exciting pop groups around at the moment.
a member of a group
Jeremy was a member of a heavy metal group.
be in a group
She's in a jazz group, playing the saxophone.
start a group
Ben and some friends started a rock group at school.
found a group formal (=start a group)
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards founded the group in the early Sixties.
a group splits up (=the members decide not to play together anymore)
The group split up because of ‘musical differences’.
a group re-forms (=the members decide to play together again)
The group has re-formed and is planning a series of comeback concerts.

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BAD: The people of each group have to guess the word.
GOOD: The people in each group have to guess the word.

Usage Note:
the + noun + in a group: 'The girls in my group all come from Italy.'
Note however member + of a group : 'The members of my group took it in turns to take notes.'

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