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guest /ɡest/ noun [countable]

(ج.ش). انگل ، خارجی ، مهمان کردن ، مسکن گزیدن
Synonyms: visitor, boarder, caller, company, lodger, visitant
English Thesaurus: customer, client, shopper, guest, patron, ...

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I. guest1 S3 W2 /ɡest/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old Norse; Origin: gestr]

1. AT AN EVENT someone who is invited to an event or special occasion:
a banquet for 250 distinguished guests
as sb’s guest
You are here as my guests.
dinner/wedding etc guests
Most of the wedding guests had left.
Among the invited guests were Jerry Brown and Elihu Harris.
The actress was guest of honour (=the most important guest) at the launch.
I’ve nearly finished the guest list for the wedding.

In everyday English, people usually talk about having friends/people over (for a meal, short visit etc) or having friends/people to stay rather than saying that they have guests:
We’re having some people over for dinner this evening.

2. IN A HOUSE someone you have invited to stay in your home for a short time:
We have guests staying right guest

3. IN A HOTEL someone who is paying to stay in a hotel:
Use of the sauna is free to guests.

4. ON A SHOW someone famous who is invited to take part in a show, concert etc, in addition to those who usually take part:
We have some great guests for you tonight.
Fontaine appeared as a guest on the show.

5. be my guest spoken used to give someone permission to do what they have asked to do:
‘Do you mind if I look at your notes?’ ‘Be my guest.’

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II. guest2 adjective [only before noun]

1. for guests to use:
He was still asleep in the guest bedroom.

2. a guest star, speaker etc is someone famous or important who is invited to take part in an event, in addition to the people who usually take part:
Camfield was lucky in getting Cage and Rampling as guest stars.
He will make a special guest appearance on next week’s show.

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III. guest3 verb [intransitive]
to take part in a show, concert etc as a guest
guest on
She guested on a comedy show last year.

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I. person that you invite to your home
ADJ. house | honoured, welcome She was treated as an honoured guest. You are always a welcome guest in our house.
unexpected, uninvited She tactfully discouraged their uninvited guests from staying longer.
unwanted, unwelcome The refugees were made to feel like unwanted guests in the country.
VERB + GUEST invite She had invited six guests.
entertain She felt that she had to entertain her guests.

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II. person invited to an event
ADJ. chief, principal The athlete was chief guest at the schools sports day.
dinner, party, reception, restaurant, wedding The best man and his assistants welcomed the reception guests as they arrived.
VERB + GUEST greet, welcome
GUEST + VERB attend sth The banquet was attended by 200 guests.
PHRASES a guest of honour

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III. person who is staying at a hotel
ADJ. hotel | frequent, regular

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IV. at a public event/on a radio or television show
ADJ. special Film star Matt Damon is one of the special guests on tonight's programme.
GUEST + NOUN artist, celebrity, star Guest artists from all over Europe will take part in the concert.
speaker | appearance She made a rare guest appearance on the programme.

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the main/chief/principal guest
The Prime Minister was one of the main guests at the event.
an honoured guest (=one who is given special respect and treatment)
They were the honoured guests of the Queen at the Royal Garden Party.
a distinguished guest (=one who has done something that people respect or admire)
Many distinguished guests were invited to the opening ceremony.
dinner guests
How much meat do I need to buy for 15 dinner guests?
wedding guests
We need to send out invitations to all the wedding guests.
a house guest (=someone who is staying in your house)
There was a constant stream of house guests at their country estate.
invited guests
Celebrations continued with a dinner for 100 invited guests.
an unwelcome guest (=someone who is not really a guest, and whom you do not want at an event)
Security guards were employed to keep out unwelcome guests.
an uninvited guest
She was surprised when an uninvited guest turned up at the door.
a regular/frequent guest
The Johnsons were regular guests at Eric’s house in Notting Hill.
the guest list (=a list of the people invited to an event)
The guest list included many friends from his university days.
a guest speaker/lecturer (=one who is invited to an event from another organization, university etc)
The guest speaker at the conference was Dr. Kim.
the guest of honour (=the most important guest)
The senator was guest of honour at a reception held at the American Embassy.
invite a guest
The guests were invited to a dinner at his country house.
greet the guests
Roger was busy greeting the guests as they arrived.
entertain guests (=have guests at your house or another place for a meal or party)
Their garden is a wonderful place to entertain guests.

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