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gush /ɡʌʃ/ verb

ریزش ، جریان ، فوران ، جوش ، تراوش ، روان شدن ، جاری شدن ، فواره زدن
- flow, cascade, flood, pour, run, rush, spout, spurt, stream
- enthuse, babble, chatter, effervesce, effuse, overstate, spout
- stream, cascade, flood, flow, jet, rush, spout, spurt, torrent
Related Words: flood, flush, emanate, issue, spring
English Thesaurus: flow, run, come out, pour, gush, ...

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I. gush1 /ɡʌʃ/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Probably from the sound]

a) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if a liquid gushes, it flows or pours out quickly and in large quantities Synonym : spurt
gush out/from/down etc
Water gushed from the broken pipe.
He opened the door and smoke gushed out.
b) [transitive] if something gushes a liquid, the liquid pours out quickly and in large quantities Synonym : spurt:
The wound gushed blood.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to express your praise, pleasure etc in a way that other people think is too strong:
‘I simply loved your book,’ she gushed.

3. (also gush out) [intransitive] if words or emotions gush out, you suddenly express them very strongly:
All that pent-up frustration gushed out in a torrent of abuse.

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II. gush2 noun

1. [countable usually singular] a large quantity of something, usually a liquid, that suddenly pours out of something Synonym : spurt:
a gush of ice-cold water

2. a gush of relief/self-pity etc a sudden feeling or expression of emotion

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