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habitat /ˈhæbətæt, ˈhæbɪtæt/ noun [uncountable and countable]

محل سکونت ، مسکن طبیعی ، بوم ، جای اصلی ، معماری: رستنگاه ، روانشناسی: بوم
Synonyms: haunt, home, locality, range, site, stamping ground
Related Words: environment, locale, surroundings, territory
English Thesaurus: the environment, ecosystem, habitat, the biosphere, ecology, ...

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Habitat trademark
a company that makes furniture, plates, pans, and many other things for the home, which it sells in its stores in many UK cities. Habitat products are known for being attractively designed and practical, and they are popular especially with middle-class people. ⇒ Conran, Sir Terence

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habitat /ˈhæbətæt, ˈhæbɪtæt/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Latin; Origin: 'it lives in a place', from habitare; habitation]
the natural home of a plant or animal:
watching monkeys in their natural habitat
The grassland is an important habitat for many wild flowers.

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ADJ. native, natural her observations of wild chimps in their natural habitat
important | endangered, fragile, threatened Peat bogs are one of Europe's most threatened habitats.
coastal, forest, wetland, wildlife, woodland
VERB + HABITAT provide The forest provides a habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals.
conserve, protect new measures to protect wildlife habitats
damage, destroy, disrupt Development is destroying the animal's native habitat.
HABITAT + VERB support sth The many different habitats support a wide variety of birds.
HABITAT + NOUN destruction, loss Many species are threatened in the wild due to habitat destruction by man.
PREP. in a/the ~ the animals and plants in this woodland habitat
~ for The moorland is an important habitat for many rare bird species.
PHRASES loss of habitat The greatest danger to tigers now is through loss of habitat.

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sth’s natural habitat (=the type of place where an animal or plant usually lives or grows)
She studies gorillas in their natural habitat.
sth’s native habitat (=the particular place where an animal or plant lives or grows)
Even in its native habitat, the plant is very rare.
a wildlife habitat
The land next to the harbour is perhaps the most threatened wildlife habitat in Britain.
a woodland/wetland/grassland/marshland habitat (=a place in a wood, etc where animals and plants live or grow)
The owl inhabits woodland habitats from Scotland to southern Spain.
a coastal habitat (=a place near the coast where animals and plants live or grow)
Dolphins are vulnerable to these poisons because of their coastal habitat.
a marine habitat (=a place in the sea where animals and plants live and grow)
Cuttlefish are found in marine habitats worldwide.
an important habitat
The island is an important habitat for exotic animals.
damage/destroy a habitat
Widening the road will uproot trees and damage wildlife habitat.
provide a habitat (=be suitable and available as a home for particular animals or plants)
Marshes provide the habitat of many species of wading birds.
conserve/protect a habitat (=prevent it from changing or being damaged)
These measures will protect the habitat of endangered species such as wolves.
create a habitat
The aim is to create a suitable breeding habitat for rare birds.
loss of habitat
Elephants are menaced by poaching and loss of habitat.
the destruction of a habitat
It is in south Texas that the destruction of the bird’s habitat has been most alarming.

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