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hall /hɔːl $ hɒːl/ noun [countable]

سرسرا ، تالار ، اتاق بزرگ ، دالان ، عمارت ، معماری: تالار
- entrance hall, corridor, entry, foyer, hallway, lobby, passage, passageway, vestibule
- meeting place, assembly room, auditorium, chamber, concert hall

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hall S2 W2 /hɔːl $ hɒːl/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: heall]

1. ENTRANCE the area just inside the door of a house or other building, that leads to other rooms Synonym : hallway
in the hall
We hung our coats in a cupboard in the hall.
a huge tiled entrance hall

2. CORRIDOR a passage in a building or house that leads to many of the rooms Synonym : corridor, hallway:
Each floor had ten rooms on both sides of the hall.

3. PUBLIC BUILDING a building or large room for public events such as meetings or dances
sports/exhibition/banqueting etc hall
The school has a new sports hall.
Five hundred people filled the lecture hall.
church/village hall (=used by people who live in a place)
A coffee morning is to be held in the village hall.
a concert at Carnegie Hallcity hall(2), concert hall, dance hall, music hall(2), town hall

4. FOR STUDENTS especially British English a college or university building where students live Synonym : hall of residence, dorm American English
in hall
For a brief time Tom and Dave had shared a room in hall.

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I. inside the front entrance of a house/building
ADJ. entrance | reception | narrow | dark, darkened, unlit He hurried them along the narrow, dark hall.
VERB + HALL lead to The hall led to a locked door.
PREP. across the ~ the room across the hall
along the ~, at/to the end of the ~, down the ~ There were strange noises coming from the room down the hall.
in the ~

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II. building/large room
ADJ. cavernous, huge, spacious, vast | magnificent | bare Our voices echoed round the huge bare hall.
gloomy | cold, draughty | crowded, packed | main More than 200 members of the public packed the main hall at the community centre.
baronial, great | assembly, conference, congress, meeting | booking, ticket | banquet, banqueting, dining | concert, dance, examination, exhibition, lecture, market, sports | church, city, communal, community, council, county, parish, public, school, village | bingo, pool, snooker
VERB + HALL crowd into, fill, pack The strains of the national anthem filled the hall.
PREP. in the ~, into the ~, through the ~ His voice echoed through the hall.
PHRASES hall of residence Most first-year students live in the halls of residence.

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See: within call or within hail

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