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handsome /ˈhænsəm/ adjective

دلپذیر ، مطبوع ، خوش قیافه ، زیبا ، سخاوتمندانه
- good-looking, attractive, comely, dishy (informal, chiefly Brit.), elegant, gorgeous, personable, well-proportioned
- large, abundant, ample, considerable, generous, liberal, plentiful, sizable or sizeable
Antonyms: unhandsome
Contrasted words: economical, frugal, sparing, scrimpy, skimpy, inelegant, unsightly
Related Words: august, majestic, noble, stately, chic, dashing, fashionable, modish, smart, stylish
English Thesaurus: beautiful, good-looking, attractive, pretty, handsome, ...

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handsome /ˈhænsəm/ adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: handsome 'easy to handle' (15-17 centuries), from hand]

a) a man who is handsome looks attractive Synonym : good-looking:
an extremely handsome young man
Sam was tall, dark, and handsome.
his handsome face
b) a woman who is handsome looks attractive in a strong healthy way

In everyday English, people usually say good-looking rather than handsome:
Her new boyfriend is really good-looking.

2. an animal, object, or building that is handsome looks attractive in an impressive way:
a row of handsome Georgian houses

3. [only before noun] a handsome amount of money is large:
He managed to make a handsome profit out of the deal.
a handsome fee

4. [only before noun] a handsome gift or prize is worth a lot of money:
There are some handsome prizes to be won.

5. [only before noun] a handsome victory is important and impressive:
They won a handsome victory in the elections.
—handsomely adverb:
He was handsomely rewarded by the king.

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VERBS be, look | become, grow
ADV. devastatingly, exceedingly, extraordinarily, extremely, incredibly, strikingly, very, wonderfully He was young and devastatingly handsome.
almost | quite, rather | classically, darkly, elegantly, ruggedly, youthfully his ruggedly handsome features
PHRASES tall, dark (and) handsome a tall, dark, handsome stranger

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