hang around
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وقت را ببطالت گذاندن ، ول گشتن ، ور رفتن
hang around
Synonyms: frequent, affect, hang out, haunt, resort
English Thesaurus: stay, remain, linger, loiter, hang around, ...

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hang around/round (something) phrasal verb informal (see also hang)
to wait or spend time somewhere, doing nothing:
I hung around the station for an hour but he never came.

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hang around
to stay in a place.
I don't like to hang around here after dark.

He had stupidly hung around — just to see what the cops were doing — and ended up being arrested!

to be with another person.
I hate hanging around with her in the mall. It's so boring!

to not go away.
The flu can hang around for almost a month.

Usage notes: usually said about a medical condition, as in the example

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hang around
pass time or stay someplace without any real purpose or aim
We decided to stay home and hang around rather than go to the game.

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hang around
v., informal
1. To pass time or stay near without any real purpose or aim; loaf near or in.
The principal warned the students not to hang around the corner drugstore after school.
Compare: HANG OUT1.
2. To spend time or associate,
Jim hangs around with some boys who live in his neighborhood.

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