hang on
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سماجت ورزیدن ، ادامه دادن ، دوام داشتن ، ثابت قدم بودن
hang on
Synonyms: persevere, carry on, go on, persist
English Thesaurus: hold, grip, clutch, clasp, get/take hold of something, ...

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hang on phrasal verb (see also hang)

1. to hold something tightly
hang on to
She hung on to the side of the cart.
Hang on tight!

2. hang on! British English spoken
a) used to ask or tell someone to wait Synonym : hold on:
Hang on! I’ll be back in a minute.
b) used when you have just noticed or thought of something that is interesting or wrong

3. hang on something to depend on something:
Everything hangs on the outcome of this meeting.

4. hang on sb’s words/every word to pay close attention to everything someone is saying:
She was watching his face, hanging on his every word.

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hang on
to hold on tightly.
Firefighters used to hang on to the back of the fire truck as it raced to a fire.

to wait.
Excuse me, wait a minute! Verna, can you hang on just a second? I'll be right back.

Usage notes: often used when you are talking on the telephone
to continue despite appearing as if the end is near.
That awful show has hung on for yet another year, although we can't imagine why or how.

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hang on
1. continue
Although conditions were very bad he decided to hang on and fight to keep his business going.

2. wait, continue listening on the telephone
"Hang on for a minute while I go and get some paper and a pen."

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hang on
1. To hold on to something, usually tightly.
Jack almost fell off the cliff, but managed to hang on until help came.
Synonym: HOLD ON1.
2a. To continue doing something; persist.
The grocer was losing money every day, but he hung on, hoping that business would improve.
2b. To hold a lead in a race or other contest while one's opponents try to rally.
The favorite horse opened an early lead and hung on to win as two other horses almost passed him in the final stretch.
Bunning, staked to a 6-0 lead in the first inning, hung on to heat the Dodgers 6-4.
3. To continue to give trouble or cause suffering.
Lou's cold hung on from January to April.
4. To continue listening on the telephone.
Jerry asked John, who had called him on the phone, to hung on while he ran for a pencil and a sheet of paper.
Compare: HOLD ON3.

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