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happen /ˈhæpən/ verb [intransitive]

روی دادن ، رخ دادن اتفاق افتادن ، واقع شدن ، تصادفا برخوردکردن ، پیشامدکردن
- occur, come about, come to pass, develop, result, take place, transpire (informal)
- chance, turn out
Related Idioms: come to pass
Related Words: go off, turn out, befall
English Thesaurus: happen, take place, occur, there is/there are, come up, ...

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happen S1 W1 /ˈhæpən/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: hap (happy)]

1. when something happens, there is an event, especially one that is not planned Synonym : occur:
When did the accident happen?
It’s impossible to predict what will happen next.
something/nothing/anything happens
Something terrible has happened.
She carried on as if nothing had happened.
This was bound to happen sooner or later.
This kind of thing happens all the time.
We’ll still be friends, whatever happens.

2. something/anything/what happens to somebody/something if something happens to someone or something, they are affected by an event:
He should be here by now – something must have happened to him.
The same thing happened to me last year.
What’s happened to your coat? It’s all ripped.

3. happen to do something if you happen to do something, you do it by chance:
I happened to see James in town.

4. somebody/something happens to be something used when telling someone something in an angry way:
This happens to be my house!

5. as it happens/it just so happens used to tell someone something that is surprising, interesting, or useful:
As it happens, I know someone who might be able to help.

6. these things happen used to tell someone not to worry about a mistake they have made, an accident they have caused etc:
It’s not your fault – these things happen.

7. whatever happened to somebody/something? used to ask where a person or thing is now:
Whatever happened to Steve? I haven’t seen him for years.
accidents (will) happen at accident(5)

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ADV. actually, really She couldn't quite believe that all this was actually happening to her.
just I don't remember learning to swim, it just happened.
spontaneously Sometimes fun activities just happen spontaneously; at other times they take careful planning.
overnight Change doesn't happen overnight.
VERB + HAPPEN be going to They could only wait and see what was going to happen.
be likely to | be bound to Mistakes are bound to happen sometimes.
tend to What tends to happen is that students spend the first week of the course in a blind panic, but settle down by the second or third week.
want sth to | make sth You have to make things happen if you want them to happen.
let sth Don't just sit back and let it happen.
PREP. to She didn't know what was happening to her.

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BAD: It happened very strange something.
GOOD: Something very strange happened.
BAD: I was afraid it might happen to me something terrible.
GOOD: I was afraid that something terrible might happen to me.
BAD: It didn't happen what the teacher had predicted.
GOOD: What the teacher had predicted didn't happen.

Usage Note:
The subject of happen comes in front of the verb, in the usual way: 'Accidents happen every day along this stretch of the road.' 'Something unforeseen has happened.'
When you use it (preparatory subject) before happen , the sentence continues with a that clause: 'It happened that we had both booked seats on the same flight.' (= By chance we had both booked ... )

BAD: One day happened something very sad.
GOOD: One day something very sad happened.
BAD: Then happened something that made me very angry.
GOOD: Then something happened that made me very angry.

Usage Note:
The subject of the sentence comes in front of happen (NOT after it): 'Something unexpected has happened.' 'Something has happened that I think you ought to know about.'

BAD: I don't know what's happened with him. He should be here by now.
GOOD: I don't know what's happened to him. He should be here by now.

Usage Note:
Something happens to someone/something (NOT with ): 'What's happened to the clock? It's not working.'

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