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harbour , harbor /ˈhɑːbə $ ˈhɑːrbər/ noun [countable]
harbour , harbor verb [transitive]

لنگرگاه ، بندرگاه ، پناهگاه ، پناه دادن ، پناه بردن ، لنگر انداختن ، پروردن ، عمران: لنگرگاه ، بازرگانی: بندرگاه ، علوم نظامی: پناه بردن ، علوم دریایی: پناه بردن
- port, anchorage, haven
- shelter, hide, protect, provide refuge, shield
- maintain, cling to, entertain, foster, hold, nurse, nurture, retain
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I. harbour1 British English, harbor American English /ˈhɑːbə $ ˈhɑːrbər/ noun [countable]
an area of water next to the land where the water is calm, so that ships are safe when they are inside it ⇒ bay:
as they sailed into Portsmouth Harbour

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II. harbour2 British English, harbor American English verb [transitive]

1. to keep bad thoughts, fears, or hopes in your mind for a long time:
I think he’s harbouring some sort of grudge against me.
She began to harbour doubts over the wisdom of their journey.

2. to contain something, especially something hidden and dangerous:
Sinks and draining boards can harbour germs.

3. to protect and hide criminals that the police are searching for

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ADJ. deep, deep-water | good, safe, sheltered | natural | busy | picturesque, pretty | fishing
VERB + HARBOUR have The town has a small natural harbour.
come into, go into, enter They entered the harbour with flags flying.
go out of, leave
PREP. in (a/the) ~ The fishing fleet is in harbour. the activity in the harbour
into (a/the) ~ The damaged vessel was towed into harbour.
out of a/the ~ We sailed out of the harbour at daybreak.
PHRASES the entrance to/the mouth of a harbour

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