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harmony /ˈhɑːməni $ ˈhɑːr-/ noun (plural harmonies)

هارمونی ، تطبیق ، توازن ، هم اهنگی ، همسازی ، روانشناسی: هماهنگی
- agreement, accord, amicability, compatibility, concord, cooperation, friendship, peace, rapport, sympathy
- tunefulness, euphony, melody, tune, unison
Antonyms: disharmony, inharmony, conflict, discord
Contrasted words: cacophony, discord, discordance, discordancy, dissonance, harshness, inharmoniousness, jangle, stridency, tunelessness, unharmoniousness, unmusicalness, untunefulness, atonality, disagreement, disparity, dissidence, disunity, variance, contention, dissension, strife, asymmetry, imbalance
Related Idioms: meeting of minds
Related Words: mellifluousness, melodiousness, melody, musicality, sonority, tunefulness, diapason, polyphony, conformance, conformity, correspondence, articulation, coaptation, compatibility, congruity, concatenation, concurrence, integration, oneness, togetherness, unity, affinity, empathy, fellow-feeling, kinship, peace, tranquillity, concinnity, consonance, dignity, elegance, grace, integrity
English Thesaurus: music, tune, melody, harmony, piece, ...

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harmony /ˈhɑːməni $ ˈhɑːr-/ noun (plural harmonies)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: harmonie, from Latin harmonia, from Greek, 'joint, harmony']

1. [countable usually plural, uncountable] notes of music combined together in a pleasant way
in harmony
a choir singing in perfect harmony
the gorgeous vocal harmonies on ‘Mexicali Rose’
three-part harmonies

2. [uncountable] when people live or work together without fighting or disagreeing with each other:
I do believe it is possible for different ethnic groups to live together in harmony.
peace and harmony
an era of peace and harmony
live/work etc in harmony

3. be in harmony with something formal to agree with another idea, feeling etc, or look good with other things:
Your suggestions are not in harmony with the aims of this project.

4. [uncountable] the pleasant effect made by different things that form an attractive whole:
the harmony of sea and sky

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I. state of agreement
ADJ. absolute, complete, perfect | reasonable, relative They've lived together in reasonable harmony for many years.
domestic, political, racial, social On the surface, their life seemed a model of domestic harmony.
VERB + HARMONY achieve | maintain, preserve They try to maintain harmony between the two communities.
foster, promote The Church tries to promote racial harmony.
live in
PREP. in ~ They work together in harmony.
~ between They try to foster harmony between different groups of people.
~ with living in perfect harmony with nature
PHRASES a sense of harmony A new sense of harmony developed in the community.

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II. pleasant combination of different musical notes
ADJ. musical | five-part, four-part, etc. an arrangement with four-part harmony
PREP. in ~ to sing in harmony

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racial/social/political harmony
We aim to promote racial harmony through shared sporting activities.
domestic harmony (=harmony in the home)
There was a lot of tension beneath the impression of domestic harmony.
perfect harmony
As producer and director, the Coen brothers work together in perfect harmony.
relative/reasonable harmony (=quite friendly and peaceful when compared to something else)
The tribes have lived together in relative harmony for years.
inner harmony (=a feeling of being peaceful and calm)
His search for inner harmony led him to Buddhism.
live in harmony
The two friends continued to live in harmony.
work in harmony
He urged all Americans to work in harmony to solve the nation’s problems.
achieve harmony
If this really is a fair society, why is it taking so long to achieve racial harmony?
promote harmony (=do things that help friendship or peace develop or improve)
We need to develop ways of promoting harmony between nations.
create harmony
The idea is to create better harmony in the community.
restore harmony (=make friendship or peace exist again)
The couple decided to put their problems behind them in an attempt to restore harmony to the family.
peace and harmony
We must stop these disagreements in the interests of peace and harmony.
a sense of harmony (=a feeling of friendship and peace)
There was a quiet sense of harmony between them as they walked along.

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