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harvest /ˈhɑːvəst, ˈhɑːvɪst $ ˈhɑːr-/ noun

محصول ، هنگام درو ، وقت خرمن ، نتیجه ، حاصل ، درو کردن وبرداشتن
- crop, produce, yield
- gather, mow, pick, pluck, reap
Contrasted words: planting, seedtime, sowing
Related Words: garnering, storing, yield, bearing, vintage, assemble, collect, accumulate, amass, bin, store (up), stow (away), cache, hide, hoard, squirrel, stash

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I. harvest1 /ˈhɑːvəst, ˈhɑːvɪst $ ˈhɑːr-/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: hærfest]

1. [uncountable and countable] the time when crops are gathered from the fields, or the act of gathering them
at harvest/at harvest time
every year at harvest time
wheat/rice/grape etc harvest
It rained for the potato harvest.

2. [countable] the crops that have been gathered, or the amount and quality of the crops gathered
good/bumper harvest (=a lot of crops)
Plum growers are expecting a bumper harvest this year.
poor/bad harvest (=few crops)

3. reap a harvest to get good or bad results from your actions:
The company is now reaping the harvest of careful planning.

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II. harvest2 verb [intransitive and transitive]
to gather crops from the fields

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ADJ. abundant, bumper, good, large, rich We've had a bumper harvest of apples this year. (figurative) She returned from the conference with a rich harvest of knowledge.
bad, disastrous, poor a series of poor harvests in the 1830s
cereal, corn, grain, potato, wheat, etc.
VERB + HARVEST bring in, gather (in), get in, reap They were busy getting the harvest in. (figurative) We are now reaping the harvest of our hard work last year.
HARVEST + VERB fail The strawberry harvest failed because of the drought.
HARVEST + NOUN time | feast, festival
PREP. after (the) ~ Potatoes are normally sprayed after harvest.
during (the) ~ During harvest they work from dawn to dusk.
~ of a good harvest of potatoes

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The late frosts ended hopes of a good harvest that year.
poor/bad (=with few crops)
A series of poor harvests plunged them into debt.
a bumper harvest (=a very good harvest)
Plum growers are expecting a bumper harvest this year.
the grain/potato/corn etc harvest
This year's grain harvest is expected to be well over 85 million tons.
harvest time
He hired extra workers to help at harvest time.
the harvest season
Orchard farmers are busiest during the September and October harvest season.
bring in/gather in the harvest (also get in the harvest) (=collect the crops from the fields)
They were working late into the night to get the harvest in.
the harvest fails (=there are no crops or only poor crops)
The potato harvest failed that year.

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