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hatred /ˈheɪtrəd, ˈheɪtrɪd/ noun [uncountable and countable]

دشمنی ، کینه ، عداوت ، بغض ، بیزاری ، تنفر ، نفرت ، روانشناسی: تنفر
Synonyms: dislike, animosity, antipathy, aversion, detestation, enmity, hate, repugnance, revulsion
Antonyms: love, admiration
Contrasted words: affability, benevolence, benignity, charitableness, cordiality
Related Words: antipathy, dislike, animosity, enmity, hostility, rancor
English Thesaurus: hate, can’t stand/can’t bear, loathe, detest, despise, ...

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hatred /ˈheɪtrəd, ˈheɪtrɪd/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: hate + -red, from Old English ræden 'condition']
an angry feeling of extreme dislike for someone or something Antonym : love:
A look of pure hatred flashed across her face.
hatred of/for/towards
his intense hatred of all foreigners
Abby made no secret of her hatred for her father.
passionate/intense/deep etc hatred
Ellis was a sick young man with a deep hatred of women.
the old hatreds and prejudices that simmered below the surface

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ADJ. bitter, deep, intense, passionate, pure, violent She shot him a look of pure hatred.
absolute, implacable | blind, irrational | class, ethnic, racial, religious
VERB + HATRED be filled with, be full of, feel, have She was full of hatred and bitterness. He has a deep hatred of the police.
incite, stir up He is accused of stirring up racial hatred.
HATRED + VERB flare (up) Hatred flared up inside her.
PREP. in/with ~ She stared at it in hatred.
~ against inciting religious hatred against the Catholic minority
~ between the intense hatred between the two communities
~ for I felt no hatred for him.
~ of his hatred of women
~ towards their hatred towards the oppressors
PHRASES a feeling of hatred

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feel hatred
It was terrifying to know that someone could feel such hatred towards me.
have a hatred of somebody/something (=hate someone or something very much)
Gang members have a hatred of the police.
stir up hatred (=deliberately try to cause arguments or bad feelings between people)
Right-wing parties tried to stir up hatred and exploit racial tension.
incite hatred (=deliberately encourage people to hate each other)
He faces criminal charges for inciting racial hatred.
racial/race hatred
Feelings of racial hatred were drummed into him as a child.
ethnic hatred
Churches and mosques were burnt as ethnic hatred turned into violence.
religious/sectarian hatred (=hatred between people who belong to different religious groups)
The law makes it an offence to stir up religious hatred.
pure hatred (=complete hatred)
The child opened her eyes and stared at Juliet with pure hatred.
passionate/intense/deep/bitter hatred (=hatred that is felt very strongly)
What, I wondered, had I done to provoke such deep hatred?
be full of/filled with hatred
She told me, in a voice full of hatred and contempt, that I meant nothing to her.
feelings of hatred
She talked about the feelings of hatred she has towards her son’s killer.

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