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hazard /ˈhæzəd $ -ərd/ noun [countable]

امتیاز با به کیسه انداختن هر کدام از گویهای بیلیارد، ناراحتی، ضرر، قمار، اتفاق، در معرض مخاطره قرار دادن، بخطر انداختن، معماری: مخاطره، قانون فقه: غرر، روانشناسی: خطر، بازرگانی: خطر، ورزش: قسمت بدون چمن زمین گلف، علوم نظامی: زیان
ارسال ایمیل
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: خطر، مواد خطرناک

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- danger, jeopardy, peril, pitfall, risk, threat
- jeopardize, endanger, expose, imperil, risk, threaten
- hazard a guess: conjecture, advance, offer, presume, throw out, venture, volunteer
English Thesaurus: risk, threat, hazar

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I. hazard1 /ˈhæzəd $ -ərd/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: hasard 'game of chance played with dice', from Arabic az-zahr 'the chance']

1. something that may be dangerous, or cause accidents or problems
hazard to/for
Polluted water sources are a hazard to wildlife.
That pile of rubbish is a fire hazard (=something that is likely to cause a fire).
health/safety hazard
the health hazard posed by lead in petrol

2. a risk that cannot be avoided
the hazards of something
the economic hazards of running a small farm
occupational hazard (=a danger that exists in a job)
Divorce seems to be an occupational hazard for politicians.

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II. hazard2 verb [transitive]

1. to say something that is only a suggestion or guess and that might not be correct:
$50,000? I don’t know. I’m only hazarding a guess.

2. formal to risk losing your money, property etc in an attempt to gain something

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ADJ. big, great, major, real, serious | constant | possible, potential | hidden, unexpected, unseen | environmental, industrial, natural, occupational industrial hazards such as excessive noise and pollution Loneliness is one of the occupational hazards of being a writer.
health Other people's smoke is now seen as a health hazard.
fire The rubbish under the flooring is a serious fire hazard.
VERB + HAZARD cause, create, pose Production of these chemicals poses serious environmental hazards.
be exposed to, encounter, face, meet The worst hazard we faced was having our money stolen.
avoid Go in September if you want to avoid the hazard of extreme heat.
eliminate, minimize | cope with, deal with, negotiate Companies should have systems for dealing with work hazards.
PREP. ~ for Holes in the pavement are a hazard for blind people.
~ to The burning of industrial waste is a major hazard to human health.
PHRASES exposure to a hazard Try and reduce your exposure to hazards such as poor quality air.

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a health hazard
The rubbish needs to be removed before it becomes a health hazard.
a fire hazard
The unoccupied building was declared a fire hazard.
a safety hazard
Protesters claim that the nuclear reactor is a safety hazard.
a traffic hazard
Cars parked in the wrong places can cause a traffic hazard.
a natural hazard (=a hazard caused by nature)
One of the most widespread natural hazards is flooding.
an environmental hazard (=a danger or problem in the environment)
Oil from the tanker caused an environmental hazard.
a serious/major hazard
Lead pipes are a serious hazard to health.
a potential hazard
Microwave ovens are a potential hazard if not used properly.
cause/create a hazard
There was concern that overhead power lines could cause a health hazard.
pose a hazard (=be a possible hazard)
It was not known whether radiation from the weapons posed any hazard to soldiers.
eliminate a hazard (=get rid of a hazard)
They took steps to eliminate all potential fire hazards.
reduce a hazard
He led the campaign to recognize and reduce the hazard from radiation in our environment.

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