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headache /ˈhedeɪk/ noun [countable]

سردرد ، دردسر ، (گ.ش). خشخاش وحشی ، روانشناسی: سردرد
- migraine, head (informal), neuralgia
- problem, bane, bother, inconvenience, nuisance, trouble, vexation, worry
English Thesaurus: headache, hangover, migrain

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headache /ˈhedeɪk/ noun [countable]

1. a pain in your head:
If you have a headache, you should take some aspirin.

2. informal a problem that is difficult or annoying to deal with:
Security is a big headache for airline operators.
—headachy adjective:
a headachy feeling

Headache is a countable noun:
I had a headache (NOT I had headache).

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I. pain in the head
ADJ. bad, severe, terrible, violent | mild, slight | dull | pounding, splitting, throbbing | migraine, tension He developed a severe migraine headache.
VERB + HEADACHE have, suffer from I've got a splitting headache.
get, develop We all get headaches from time to time.
complain of The workers had complained of headaches and nausea.
bring on, cause, give sb Exhaust fumes made him drowsy and brought on a headache. Red wine gives me a headache.
plead She had left the party early, pleading a headache.
HEADACHE + NOUN pill, tablet
 ⇒ Special page at ILLNESS

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II. sb/sth that causes worry/difficulty
ADJ. big, major, real | constant
PREP. ~ for Uneven cash flow proved to be a major headache for the company.

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I’ve got a really bad headache.
a splitting headache (=a very bad headache)
The next day he woke up with a splitting headache.
a throbbing/pounding/blinding headache (=a very bad headache)
He had a throbbing headache, behind his nose and his eyes.
a slight headache (also a bit of a headache spoken) (=one that is not very serious )
I’d rather stay at home – I’ve got a bit of a headache.
have a headache (also have got a headache spoken)
She’s not coming – she says she’s got a headache.
get headaches/suffer from headaches (=regularly have a headache)
He often gets headaches at school.
give somebody a headache
The music was starting to give him a headache.
cause headaches
The drug can cause headaches.
complain of a headache (=say that you have a headache)
Your child may complain of headaches or problems seeing the blackboard.
a headache goes away (=it stops)
I'd like to lie down for a bit to make my headache go away,

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BAD: If I drink coffee, I get headache.
GOOD: If I drink coffee, I get a headache.

Usage Note:
Headache is a countable noun: 'I woke up with a terrible headache.' 'My wife suffers from headaches.'

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