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heap /hiːp/ noun [countable]

کپه ، کومه ، پشته ، انبوه ، گروه ، جمعیت ، توده کردن ، پرکردن ، کامپیوتر: مجموعه ای از مکانهای ذخیره که یک برنامه می تواند جهت محاسبه به عاریه گرفته شود و سپس برگرداند ، معماری: انبوه
الکترونیک: مجموعه ای از مکانهای ذخیره که یک برنامه می تواند جهت محاسبه به عاریه گرفته شود و سپس برگرداند ، کامپیوتر: توده ، کپه ، انبوه ، معماری: توده ، کپه ، کومه ، پشته ، انبوه ، گروه ، جمعیت ، توده کردن ، پرکردن کامپیوتر: در هم کامپیوتر: مکانهای مختلف

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- pile, accumulation, collection, hoard, lot, mass, mound, stack
- often plural: a lot, great deal, load(s) (informal), lots (informal), mass, plenty, pot(s) (informal), stack(s), tons
- pile, accumulate, amass, collect, gather, hoard, stack
- confer, assign, bestow, load, shower upon
Contrasted words: broadcast, disperse, distribute, scatter, separate, spread, strew
Related Words: congeries, gathering, cord, dess, rick, shock, bunch, clump, lumber, lump, mass, deposit, dump, accumulate, amass, assemble, collect, gather, group
English Thesaurus: pile, stack, heap, mound, mountain, ...

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I. heap1 /hiːp/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English]

1. a large untidy pile of things:
a rubbish heap
heap of
There was a heap of stones where the building used to be.
in a heap
The envelopes for posting lay in a heap on her desk.
We piled the branches into heaps for burning.

2. heaps informal a lot of something
heaps of
The children have heaps of energy.
heaps better/bigger etc (=much better, bigger etc)

3. fall/collapse etc in a heap to fall down and lie without moving:
They finally collapsed in a heap on the grass.

4. humorous an old car that is in bad condition

5. at the top/bottom of the heap high up and successful or low down and unsuccessful in an organization or in society:
The very poor are at the bottom of the heap.

6. be struck all of a heap British English old-fashioned informal to be suddenly very surprised or confused

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II. heap2 verb [transitive]

1. (also heap up) to put a lot of things on top of each other in an untidy way Synonym : pile
heap on
Jean heaped logs on the fire.

2. heap something with something to put a lot of something on a surface Synonym : pile:
She gave him a glass of whisky and heaped his plate with food.

3. heap praise/insults etc on somebody to praise, insult etc someone a lot:
He heaped all the blame on his secretary.

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ADJ. big, great, large | little, small | crumpled, untidy | compost, manure, muck, rubbish, scrap, slag, spoil colliery spoil heaps
VERB + HEAP be piled in Papers were piled in great heaps on the desk.
collapse in, fall (down) in (both figurative) He collapsed in an exhausted heap on the floor.
PREP. in a/the ~ His clothes lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.
on/onto a/the ~ Throw the potato peelings on the compost heap.
~ of a great heap of stones
PHRASES the bottom/top of the heap (figurative) These workers are at the bottom of the economic heap.

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See: strike all of a heap

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