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heaven /ˈhevən/ noun

سپهرار ، عرش هفت اسمان ، سپهر ، گردون ، فلک ، عرش ، بهشت ، قدرت پروردگار ، هفت طبقه اسمان ، (بصورت جمع) اسمان ، خدا ، عالم روحانی ، نجوم: سبع طباق
- paradise, bliss, Elysium or Elysian fields (Greek myth), hereafter, life everlasting, next world, nirvana (Buddhism, Hinduism), Zion (Christianity)
- happiness, bliss, ecstasy, paradise, rapture, seventh heaven, utopia
- the heavens: sky, ether, firmament
Antonyms: hell
Contrasted words: earth, world, Gehenna, hades, inferno, netherworld, perdition, pit, Sheol, Tartarus, Tophet, underworld
Related Idioms: Beulah Land (or Land of Beulah), City of God, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven
Related Words: afterworld, eternity, glory, hereafter, promised land, everlastingness, immortality

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heaven S3 W3 /ˈhevən/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: heofon]

1. PLACE OF GOD (also Heaven) [singular] the place where God is believed to live and where good people are believed to go when they die ⇒ paradise
in heaven
He believed that he and his wife would one day be together again in heaven.

2. ENJOYABLE SITUATION [uncountable] informal an extremely enjoyable situation or place Synonym : paradise:
Sitting by the pool with a good book is my idea of heaven.
in heaven
Put a baseball in his hand and he’s in heaven.
Living on the farm for Jim was heaven on earth.
a match/marriage made in heaven (=a happy and successful marriage)


3. for heaven’s sake
a) used to show that you are annoyed or angry:
Oh, for heaven’s sake, Mark, do you have to make everything into a joke?
b) used to emphasize a question, request, order, or opinion:
For heaven’s sake, let’s all get to sleep.

4. heaven (only) knows
a) used to emphasize that you do not know something:
He won’t tell me what he thinks. Heaven knows why.
b) used to emphasize what you are saying:
Sue can’t take a holiday yet, though heaven knows she needs a rest.

5. heaven help somebody
a) used to express sympathy for someone who is in a dangerous or difficult situation:
‘The two boys are going to the dentist on Thursday.’ ‘Heaven help the dentist.’
b) used to say that you will be very angry with someone if they do something:
Heaven help him if he ever comes back here again!

6. heaven forbid used to say that you very much hope something will not happen:
What would you do financially if, heaven forbid, your husband died?

7. what/how/why etc in heaven’s name used when asking a surprised and angry question:
Where in heaven’s name have you been?

8. the heavens literary the sky:
He looked up towards the heavens.
Just then, the heavens opened (=it started to rain heavily).

9. move heaven and earth to try very hard to achieve something:
I would move heaven and earth to help her.
be in seventh heaven at seventh1(2), ⇒ thank heaven(s) at thank(2)

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I. believed to be the home of God
VERB + HEAVEN ascend to, go to I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.
PREP. from ~ Our child seemed a gift from heaven.
in ~ (figurative) It was a marriage made in heaven.
PHRASES the kingdom of heaven

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II. place/situation in which you are very happy
ADJ. absolute, sheer It was sheer heaven being alone at last.
PREP. in ~ The kids were in absolute heaven at the fair.
PHRASES a heaven on earth The island is truly a heaven on earth.
sb's idea of heaven Building up a tan by the pool with a good book is my idea of heaven.

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See: move heaven and earth , would that or would heaven

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