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hide /haɪd/ verb (past tense hid /hɪd/, past participle hidden /ˈhɪdn/)

Irregular Forms: (hid)(hidden)

پوست خام گاو وگوسفند وغیره، چرم، پنهان کردن، پوشیدن، مخفی نگاه داشتن، پنهان شدن، نهفتن، پوست کندن، (مج). سخت شلاق زدن، قانون فقه: پنهان کردن
ارسال ایمیل
کامپیوتر: ÷نهان

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- conceal, secrete, stash (informal)
- go into hiding, go to ground, go underground, hole up, lie low, take cover
- disguise, camouflage, cloak, conceal, cover, mask, obscure, shroud, veil
- suppress, draw a veil over, hush up, keep dark, keep secret, keep under one's hat, withhold
skin, pelt
Contrasted words: bare, disclose, discover, display, exhibit, expose, reveal, show, uncover, unmask, unveil, unwrap, flaunt, parade, show off
Related Words: mantle, mask, obscure, shade, shield, entomb, inter, cloak, curtain, shroud, veil, harbor, lodge, seclude, shelter
English Thesaurus: hide, conceal, cover up, disguise, camouflage, ...

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I. hide1 S2 W2 /haɪd/ verb (past tense hid /hɪd/, past participle hidden /ˈhɪdn/)
[Language: Old English; Origin: hydan]

1. [transitive] to deliberately put or keep something or someone in a place where they cannot easily be seen or found
hide something in/under/behind etc
Marcia hid the pictures in her desk drawer.
She keeps a bottle of gin hidden behind a stack of books.
hide something/somebody from somebody
He was accused of trying to hide evidence from the police.

2. [transitive] to cover something so that it cannot be seen clearly:
The church roof was half hidden by trees.
Her tangled hair hid her face.

3. [intransitive] to go or stay in a place where no one will see or find you:
Quick, he’s coming! We’d better hide.
hide in/under/behind etc
Harry hid under the bed.
hide from somebody
Weiss spent two years hiding from the Nazis.

4. [transitive] to keep someone in a place where other people will not find them:
The old woman hid him in her cellar for three days.
hide somebody from somebody
We’ll have to hide him from the soldiers.

5. [transitive] to keep your real feelings, plans, or the truth secret, so that they cannot be known by other people
hide your disappointment/embarrassment/confusion etc
She laughed to hide her nervousness.
He took off his ring to hide the fact that he was married.
He told the jury that he is innocent and has nothing to hide.
hide something from somebody
Don’t try to hide anything from me.
hide your light under a bushel at bushel

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II. hide2 noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hyd]

1. British English a place from which you can watch animals or birds without being seen by them Synonym : blind American English

2. an animal’s skin, especially when it has been removed to be used for leather:
ox hide gloves

3. have/tan sb’s hide spoken to punish someone severely – used humorously

4. sb’s hide spoken used to talk about someone when they are in a difficult situation:
He would say anything in court to try and save his own hide (=save himself).

5. not see hide nor hair of somebody spoken to not see someone anywhere for a fairly long time:
I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him for ages.

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ADJ. thick, tough Elephants have a very tough hide.
buffalo, elephant, elk, ox, rhino
VERB + HIDE tan The hide is tanned for leather.

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I. go/put sth where you/it cannot be seen
ADV. away She hid the documents away in a drawer.
VERB + HIDE prefer to, want to She wanted to run away and hide. (figurative) He accused the prime minister of preferring to hide from the truth.
PREP. among hiding among the bushes
behind (figurative) He hid behind a false identity.
beneath He had a weak mouth which he hid beneath a moustache and beard.
from hiding from their enemies
in hiding in the shadows
under He hid the book under his bed.
PHRASES carefully/completely/well hidden The letters were well hidden in the back of the cupboard.
half hidden The buildings were half hidden by the trees.
hidden deep beneath/in sth tiny villages hidden deep in the softly rolling hills
hidden from sight/view The house was hidden from view by a large hedge.
lie/remain hidden treasures which have lain hidden in bank vaults since the war
partially/partly hidden The house was partially hidden behind some trees.
a place to hide (sth) I'll find a better place to hide it.

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II. keep sth secret
ADV. well | completely
VERB + HIDE be able/unable to She was unable to hide her delight at his failure.
try to | make no attempt to He made no attempt to hide his anger
manage to
PREP. from The government tried to hide the evidence from the public.
PHRASES keep sth hidden feelings that she had kept completely hidden all these years
remain/stay hidden The truth may well remain hidden for ever.

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See: have one's hide , tan one's hide

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