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hire /haɪə $ haɪr/ verb [transitive]

اجیر کردن ، اجاره کردن کرایه دادن (با(out ، اجاره ، مزد ، اجرت ، کرایه کردن ، اجیرکردن ، کرایه دادن) گاهی با) out ، قانون ـ فقه: استیجار ، اجرت ، بازرگانی: اجاره دادن

: hire (to)

کرایه کردن ، بازرگانی: اجاره کردن
- employ, appoint, commission, engage, sign up, take on
- rent, charter, engage, lease, let
- rental, charge, cost, fee, price, rent
Antonyms: fire
Related Words: contract (for), engage, sublease, sublet, subrent
English Thesaurus: rent, hire, lease, rent/rent something out, let/let something out, ...

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I. hire1 S2 W3 /haɪə $ haɪr/ verb [transitive]

1. British English to pay money to borrow something for a short period of time Synonym : rent American English:
The best way to explore the island is to hire a car.
What does it cost to hire a boat for a week?

a) to employ someone for a short time to do a particular job:
Employers hire skilled people on fixed-term contracts.
hire somebody to do something
A City lawyer has been hired to handle the case.
b) American English to employ someone:
Businesses may only hire foreign workers where an American cannot be found.
the power to hire and fire (=employ and dismiss people)
hire something ↔ out phrasal verb British English

1. to allow someone to borrow something for a short time in exchange for money
hire something ↔ out to
a little company that hires out boats to tourists

2. hire yourself out to arrange to work for someone:
They were so poor they had to hire themselves out on the farms.

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II. hire2 noun [uncountable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hyr]
British English an arrangement in which you pay a sum of money to borrow something for a short time:
a car hire company
for hire
boats for hire
on hire
The crane is on hire from a local firm.
ply for hire at ply1(3)

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ADJ. bicycle, car, equipment, etc.
HIRE + NOUN car Our hire car broke down after only an hour.
charge, cost | company, firm, shop
PREP. for ~ There are boats for hire on the lake.
on ~ (from/to) The equipment is on hire from a local company.
~ of The main expense was the hire of a car.

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ADV. promptly The entire workforce was laid off and a fresh one promptly hired.
by the day, week, etc. What's the cost of hiring by the day?
locally Ski equipment can be hired locally.
PREP. from Bicycles can be hired from several local shops.

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BAD: I'm hiring a small house near the university.
GOOD: I'm renting a small house near the university.

Usage Note:
In British English you hire a suit, meeting hall, bicycle, fishing rod etc. You obtain the use of these things, usually for a short period, by making s single payment: 'Why buy a wedding dress when you can hire one?' 'Herr Platzer showed us where we could hire bicycles.'
You rent a house, shop, apartment, television etc, usually for a longer period, by making a series of payments: 'There are plenty of offices to rent in the town centre.' When talking about cars, you can use rent or hire : 'There's usually a place at the airport where you can hire/rent a car.'
In American English you always rent something (not hire ), regardless of what it is or the length of the arrangement.

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