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holy /ˈhəʊli $ ˈhoʊ-/ adjective (comparative holier, superlative holiest)

مقدس ، منزه وپاکدامن ، وقف شده ، خدا ، قانون ـ فقه: قدوس
- devout, god-fearing, godly, pious, pure, religious, righteous, saintly, virtuous
- sacred, blessed, consecrated, hallowed, sacrosanct, sanctified, venerable
Antonyms: unholy
Related Words: adored, glorified, revered, reverenced, venerated, worshiped, divine, religious, spiritual
English Thesaurus: holy, sacred, divine, spiritual, hallowed, ...

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holy W3 /ˈhəʊli $ ˈhoʊ-/ adjective (comparative holier, superlative holiest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: halig]

1. connected with God and religion ⇒ sacred:
the holy city of Varanasi

2. very religious:
a holy man

3. holy cow/mackerel etc spoken used to express feelings such as surprise or fear

4. a holy terror informal someone, especially a child, who causes problems for other people
take (holy) orders at order1(18)

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