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horror /ˈhɒrə $ ˈhɔːrər, ˈhɑː-/ noun

دهشت ، ترس ، خوف ، وحشت ، مورمور ، (م.م). بیزاری
- terror, alarm, consternation, dread, fear, fright, panic
- hatred, aversion, detestation, disgust, loathing, odium, repugnance, revulsion
Related Words: distress, pain, shock, throe, wrench

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horror W3 /ˈhɒrə $ ˈhɔːrər, ˈhɑː-/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: horrour, from Latin horror, from horrere 'to raise one's hair stiffly, shake with fear']

1. [uncountable] a strong feeling of shock and fear
in horror
Staff watched in horror as he set himself alight.
with horror
Many people recoil with horror when they see a big spider like this.
to sb’s horror (=making someone shocked or afraid)
To my horror, I realised my shirt was wet with blood.
You should have seen the look of horror on his face.

2. [countable usually plural] something that is very terrible, shocking, or frightening
horror of
the horrors of war

3. the horror of something when a situation or event is very unpleasant or shocking:
Dense smoke surrounded them, adding to the horror of the situation.
Only when the vehicle was lifted did the full horror of the accident become clear.

4. have a horror of something to be afraid of something or dislike it very much:
He has a horror of snakes.

5. little horror British English a young child who behaves badly

6. give somebody the horrors to make someone feel unreasonably frightened or nervous

7. horror of horrors British English used to say how bad something is – often used humorously when you think something is not really very bad

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I. feeling of fear/shock
ADJ. abject, absolute, utter The thought of working nights fills me with abject horror.
mock She raised her hands in mock horror when she saw my new haircut.
VERB + HORROR feel, have She felt horror and pity at seeing Marcus so ill. She had a horror of pubs.
fill sb with The possibility of meeting him again filled me with horror.
overcome | recoil in Anna recoiled in horror as the snake approached.
HORROR + NOUN film, story They were trying to scare each other with horror stories about going to the dentist.
PREP. in ~ They watched in horror as the aircraft crashed to the ground.
to your ~ To his horror, he saw a dead body lying beside the road.
with ~ He realized with absolute horror that he no longer had the money.
~ of I'm trying to overcome my horror of insects.
PHRASES a look of horror, shock horror newspapers full of shock horror headlines

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II. sth frightening/shocking
ADJ. full He never experienced the full horrors of trench warfare.
ultimate I used to regard public speaking as the ultimate horror.
VERB + HORROR commit, inflict, perpetrate He had witnessed horrors committed by the enemy.
experience, suffer | witness

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See: throw up one's hands in horror

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