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host /həʊst $ hoʊst/ noun [countable]

میزبانی ، گروه ، ازدحام ، دسته ، سپاه ، میزبان ، صاحبخانه ، مهمان دار ، انگل دار ، کامپیوتر: میزبان ، ورزش: تهیه تسهیلات ورزشی
الکترونیک: میزبان ، کامپیوتر: میزبانی ، تهیه تسهیلات ورزشی ، ورزشی: گروه ، ازدحام ، دسته ، سپاه ، میزبان ، صاحبخانه ، مهمان دار، انگل دار کامپیوتر: میزبان کامپیوتر: میزبان پزشکی: میزبان

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- master of ceremonies, entertainer, innkeeper, landlord or landlady, proprietor
- presenter, anchorman or anchorwoman, compere (Brit.)
- present, compere (Brit.), front (informal), introduce
multitude, army, array, drove, horde, legion, myriad, swarm, throng

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I. host1 W3 /həʊst $ hoʊst/ noun [countable]
[Sense 1-3, 6: Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: hoste 'host, guest', from Latin hospes, probably from hostis; hostile]
[Sense 4: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin hostis; hostile]
[Sense 5: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: hoiste, from Latin hostia 'sacrifice']

1. AT A PARTY someone at a party, meal etc who has invited the guests and who provides the food, drink etc ⇒ hostess:
Our host greeted us at the door.

2. ON TELEVISION/RADIO someone who introduces and talks to the guests on a television or radio programme Synonym : compere British English:
a game show host

3. COUNTRY/CITY a country, city, or organization that provides the necessary space, equipment etc for a special event
host country/government/city etc
the host city for the next Olympic Games
play host (to something) (=provide the place, food etc for a special meeting or event)
The gallery is playing host to an exhibition of sculpture.

4. a (whole) host of people/things a large number of people or things:
A host of show business celebrities have pledged their support.

5. IN CHURCH the Host technical the bread that is used in the Christian ceremony of Communion

6. ANIMAL/PLANT technical an animal or plant on which a smaller animal or plant is living as a parasite

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II. host2 verb [transitive]

1. to provide the place and everything that is needed for an organized event:
Which country is going to host the next World Cup?

2. to introduce a radio or television programme:
Next week’s show will be hosted by Sarah Cox.

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I. person who receives and entertains visitors
ADJ. charming, generous, genial, good, perfect, welcoming George was a perfect host.
VERB + HOST act as, play The village is playing host to a film crew.
HOST + NOUN club, community, country, family, government, nation, society, state The host club is to be congratulated on its organization of the tournament.
PREP. ~ to The acre of garden is host to a splendid bank of rhododendrons.

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II. person who introduces a television or radio show
ADJ. chat-show, game-show, talk-show, television, TV The event will be opened by television host Bill Punter.

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ADV. jointly The tournament is to be jointly hosted by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
VERB + HOST agree to, offer to | be keen to The country is very keen to host the Winter Olympics in six years' time.
PHRASES a bid to host sth the city's bid to host the Olympic Games in the year 2008

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