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household /ˈhaʊshəʊld $ -hoʊld/ noun [countable]

خانواده ، (مج). صمیمی ، اهل بیت ، مستخدمین خانه ، خانگی ، روانشناسی: خانوار ، زیست شناسی: خانوار ، بازرگانی: خانوار
پزشکی: خانوار

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Synonyms: family, home, house

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I. household1 S3 W2 /ˈhaʊshəʊld $ -hoʊld/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: house + hold 'keeping, maintaining']
all the people who live together in one house Synonym : house:
A growing number of households have at least one computer.
Families are classified by the occupation of the head of the household (=the person who earns the most money and is most respected in a house).

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II. household2 adjective [only before noun]

1. relating to looking after a house and the people in it Synonym : domestic
household goods/products/items etc
washing powder and other household products
household chores

2. be a household name/word to be very well known:
Coca-Cola is a household name around the world.

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ADJ. average The average household pays 27p a day in water rates.
domestic, private, etc. | rural, urban | middle-class, working-class | high-income, low-income, poor, etc. | family, married-couple, single-person, etc.
VERB + HOUSEHOLD manage, run | set up Becoming an adult and setting up a household no longer mean the same thing.
HOUSEHOLD + NOUN appliance, contents, furniture, goods, item, product The household contents are covered by a separate insurance policy.
bills, budget, expenditure, expenses, income | chore, duties, task | rubbish, waste
PHRASES the head of the household The head of the household is responsible for completing the council tax form.

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BAD: At the weekend they have to do all the household.
GOOD: At the weekend they have to do all the housework.
BAD: Some women get no help with the household work.
GOOD: Some women get no help with the housework.

Usage Note:
household = all the people living together in a house or flat: 'Be quiet or you'll wake the whole household.'
housework = all the jobs that have to be done regularly to keep a house or flat clean and tidy: 'My husband and I share all the housework between us.'

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