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however /haʊˈevə $ -ər/ adverb
however conjunction

هرچند ، اگر چه ، هر قدر هم ، بهر حال ، هنوز ، اما
Synonyms: nevertheless, after all, anyhow, but, nonetheless, notwithstanding, still, though, yet
Related Idioms: all the same, be that as it may, for all that, on the other hand
English Thesaurus: but, although, however, nevertheless/nonetheless, whereas, ...

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I. however1 S1 W1 /haʊˈevə $ -ər/ adverb

1. used when you are adding a fact or piece of information that seems surprising, or seems very different from what you have just said Synonym : nevertheless:
This is a cheap and simple process. However, there are dangers.
an extremely unpleasant disease that is, however, easy to treat

2. used to say that it does not matter how big, good, serious etc something is because it will not change a situation in any way Synonym : no matter how:
You should report any incident, however minor it is.
We have to finish, however long it takes.
however much/many
I really want the car, however much it costs.

3. especially British English used to show surprise when you ask how something happens or how someone does something:
However did he get that job?

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II. however2 conjunction
in whatever way:
You can do it however you like.
If we win the match, we’ll be delighted, however it happens.
However you look at it, it was a wicked thing to do.

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BAD: I don't like shopping however I'll come with you.
GOOD: I don't like shopping but I'll come with you.

Usage Note:
Unlike but, however is an adverb (NOT a conjunction) and is used only in formal styles: 'I was hoping to deal with this matter quickly. However, the situation is more complicated than I thought.' 'The newspapers always carried stories of new advances and glorious victories. In reality, however, the war was not going well.'
See also NEVERTHELESS (nevertheless), THEREFORE 1 (therefore)

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