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humid /ˈhjuːməd, ˈhjuːmɪd/ adjective

نمناک ، تر ، نم ، مرطوب ، نمدار ، ابدار ، بخاردار ، علوم مهندسی: مرطوب ، معماری: نمناک
Synonyms: damp, clammy, dank, moist, muggy, steamy, sticky, sultry, wet
Contrasted words: arid, dry, cool, crisp, fresh
Related Words: clammy, dank, sodden, close, oppressive, stuffy, sweltering
English Thesaurus: damp, humid, muggy, dank, moist, ...

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humid /ˈhjuːməd, ˈhjuːmɪd/ adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: humidus, from humere 'to be slightly wet']
if the weather is humid, you feel uncomfortable because the air is very wet and usually hot ⇒ humidity:
Tokyo is extremely humid in mid-summer.
humid air/climate etc

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BAD: He was living in a cold basement flat which had humid walls and almost no furniture.
GOOD: He was living in a cold basement flat which had damp walls and almost no furniture.

Usage Note:
See note at DAMP (damp)

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