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humour , humor /ˈhjuːmə $ ˈhjuːmər, ˈjuː-/ noun [uncountable]

(humor) مشرب ، خیال ، مزاح ، خلق ، شوخی ، خوشمزگی ، خوشی دادن ، راضی نگاهداشتن ، (طب) خلط ، تنابه
- funniness, amusement, comedy, drollery, facetiousness, fun, jocularity, ludicrousness
- joking, comedy, farce, jesting, pleasantry, wisecracks (informal), wit, witticisms
- mood, disposition, frame of mind, spirits, temper
- indulge, accommodate, flatter, go along with, gratify, mollify, pander to

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I. humour1 British English, humor American English /ˈhjuːmə $ ˈhjuːmər, ˈjuː-/ noun [uncountable]

1. the ability or tendency to think that things are funny, or funny things you say that show you have this ability:
his humour and charm
Greg’s feeble attempt at humour
English humour
It’s vital to have a sense of humor in this job.
The host puts the contestants at ease with his own brand of humour.
He showed flashes of humor that delighted the audience.

2. the quality in something that makes it funny and makes people laugh:
He failed to see the humour of the situation.

3. in a good/an ill/a bad humour formal in a good or bad mood ⇒ good humour

4. out of humour British English old-fashioned in a bad mood

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II. humour2 British English, humor American English verb [transitive]
to do what someone wants or to pretend to agree with them so that they do not become upset:
‘Of course,’ he said, humouring her.

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I. amusing quality/ability to find things funny
ADJ. wry With wry humour, they laugh at their misfortunes.
irreverent | caustic, sardonic | black, dark, gallows, grim | self-deprecating | gentle | tongue-in-cheek | slapstick, visual | unconscious, unintentional | deadpan, dry | schoolboy His colleagues soon got fed up with his schoolboy humour.
QUANT. touch Her speech was serious, but not without the occasional touch of humour.
VERB + HUMOUR be full of, contain The stories are full of humour.
appreciate, see The man who lost his shoes failed to see the humour of the situation.
PHRASES a brand of humour a television sitcom with its own peculiar brand of humour
sense of humour to have a dry/good/great/warped/weird/wicked sense of humour

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II. mood
ADJ. good Her good humour was restored by the excellent meal.
PHRASES in (a) good humour The remarks were made in good humour. He was obviously in a good humour this evening.

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a sense of humour
I'm afraid my dad doesn't have a very good sense of humour.
somebody's brand of humour (=the type of jokes, funny stories etc that a particular person likes or tells)
Their brand of humour isn't to everyone's taste.
a flash/trace/touch of humour (=a very small amount of humour)
She replied with a rare flash of humour.
black/dark humour (=jokes, funny stories etc about the unpleasant parts of life)
The tone of the film is light but there are moments of black humour.
gallows humour (=jokes, funny stories etc which make very unpleasant or dangerous things seem funny)
It was the kind of gallows humor that medical students love.
schoolboy humour (=jokes, funny stories etc that are silly and rude but not offensive)
The schoolboy humour appealed to him.
dry/deadpan humour (=when someone makes it seem as if they are being serious, but really they are being funny)
His serious demeanour lends itself to deadpan humour.
wry humour (=when someone makes something seem both funny and sad)
He wrote with wry humour about his time in a Turkish prison.
gentle humour (=jokes or stories that do not offend anyone)
The plays uses gentle humor to make a strong point.
self-deprecating humour (=jokes, funny stories etc in which you criticize or make fun of yourself)
Her self-deprecating humour made the audience howl with laughter.
see/appreciate the humour (=understand that something is funny)
I may have been wet and covered in mud, but I could still see the humour in the situation.

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DUBIOUS: Bill looks angry. Is he in a bad humour?
GOOD: Bill looks angry. Is he in a bad mood?
DUBIOUS: Sometimes when I'm in a good humour, I like to cook something special.
GOOD: Sometimes when I'm in a good mood, I like to cook something special.

Usage Note:
Your mood is the way you feel (about life) at a particular time: 'Doctors believe that tiredness affects your mood and behaviour.' 'George is in a bad mood this morning. Has someone upset him?'
Humour is used with a similar meaning, but only in formal or literary styles: 'Steven was deep in bad humour.'

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