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Hunt, William Holman /ˈwɪljəm ˈhəʊlmən/
hunt /hʌnt/ verb

انجمن شکارچیان ، شکار کردن ، صید کردن ، جستجو کردن در ، تفحص کردن ، شکار ، جستجو ، نخجیر ، ورزش: اداره کردن تازیها در شکار
- stalk, chase, hound, pursue, track, trail
- search, ferret about, forage, look, scour, seek
- search, chase, hunting, investigation, pursuit, quest
Related Idioms: go hunting
Related Words: dog, ferret, hawk, hound, course, drive, stalk, start, still-hunt, track, capture, kill, snare, gun, shoot
English Thesaurus: surf the net, search, shop/book online, visit a website, download, ...

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I. Hunt, Helen
(1963–) an American actress whose films include Twister, What Women Want, and Cast Away. In 1998 she won an Oscar for her performance in As Good As It Gets.

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II. Hunt, William Holman /ˈwɪljəm ˈhəʊlmən/
(1827–1910) a British painter who, with Millais and Rossetti, started the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848

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I. hunt1 W3 /hʌnt/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: huntian]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to chase animals and birds in order to kill or catch them:
the slopes where I hunted deer as a kid
Wolves tend to hunt in packs (=hunt in groups).

2. [intransitive] to look for someone or something very carefully Synonym : search
hunt for
The kids were hunting for shells on the beach.
Detectives are busy hunting for clues.

3. [intransitive and transitive] to search for and try to catch a criminal or someone who is your enemy:
The police are still hunting the killer.
hunt for
The FBI were called in to hunt for the spy.

4. [intransitive and transitive] British English to hunt foxes as a sport, riding on horses and using dogs
hunt somebody/something ↔ down phrasal verb
to search for a person or animal until you catch them, especially in order to punish or kill them:
The government agency was created to hunt down war criminals.
hunt somebody/something ↔ out phrasal verb

1. to search for someone or something in order to catch, kill, or destroy them:
The plane was on a mission to hunt out enemy submarines.

2. to search for and find something that you need or want, but that is difficult to find:
In the school library he hunted out books on politics.

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II. hunt2 noun [countable]

1. an occasion when people chase animals in order to kill or catch them
lion/rhino/stag etc hunt

2. [usually singular] a search for someone or something that is difficult to find
hunt for
the hunt for the missing child
the hunt is on (=used to say that people have started looking for someone or something)
murder hunt (=a search for a person who has killed someone)
have a hunt around for something British English informal (=look for something)
I’ll have a hunt around for it in my desk.treasure hunt, witch-hunt

3. a sporting event in Britain in which people ride on horses and hunt foxes using dogs

4. in Britain, a group of people who regularly hunt foxes together

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I. hunting wild animals
ADJ. fox, seal, tiger, etc.
VERB + HUNT take part in She had never taken part in a fox hunt before.
HUNT + NOUN follower, supporter Hunt followers deny the sport is cruel.
saboteur clashes between hunt supporters and hunt saboteurs

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II. searching for sb/sth
ADJ. massive, nationwide Police launched a nationwide hunt for the woman, amid fears for her safety.
police | murder Police forces in five counties are now involved in the murder hunt.
treasure | witch (often figurative) The investigation turned into a full-scale Communist witch hunt.
HUNT + VERB begin, launch A massive police hunt was launched for the missing child.
lead Detectives leading the hunt for the killer believe he may be in hiding.
step up The mountain rescue team is stepping up its hunt for the missing climbers.
call off The hunt for survivors has now been called off.
HUNT + VERB begin, be on The hunt is on for potential employees with experience of electronic publishing.
PREP. ~ for

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See: run with the hare and hunt (ride) with the hounds

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