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hurl /hɜːl $ hɜːrl/ verb

لگد ، پرتاب کردن ، پرت کردن ، انداختن
Synonyms: throw, cast, fling, heave, launch, let fly, pitch, propel, sling, toss
English Thesaurus: throw, toss, hurl, fling, heave, ...

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hurl /hɜːl $ hɜːrl/ verb
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: Probably copying the action]

1. [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to throw something with a lot of force, especially because you are angry:
Demonstrators were hurling bricks through the windows.
He hurled a chair across the set, smashing lamps and vases.

2. hurl abuse/insults/accusations etc (at somebody) to shout at someone in a loud and angry way:
He was accused of hurling abuse at the referee.

3. hurl yourself at/against etc somebody/something to throw yourself at someone or something with a lot of force:
She wanted to hurl herself into his arms.

4. [intransitive and transitive] American English informal to vomit

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