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husband /ˈhʌzbənd/ noun

شوی ، کشاورز ، گیاه پرطاقت ، نر ، شخم زدن ، کاشتن ، باغبانی کردن ، شوهردادن ، جفت کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: زوج
- partner, better half (humorous), mate, spouse
- economize, budget, conserve, hoard, save, store
Related Words: consort, helpmate, helpmeet, mate, other half, spouse, benedict, bridegroom

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I. husband1 S1 W1 /ˈhʌzbənd/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: husbonda, from Old Norse, from hus 'house' + bondi 'someone who lives in a house']

1. [countable] the man that a woman is married to ⇒ wife:
Have you met my husband Roy?

2. ex-husband a man that a woman used to be married to

3. husband and wife a man and woman who are married to each other

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II. husband2 verb [transitive]
formal to be very careful in the way you use your money, supplies etc and not waste any

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ADJ. future, prospective | suitable | ex-, former | dead, deceased, late | good, loving, wonderful | faithful | errant, unfaithful | estranged | absent | jealous | dominant, domineering | brutal, violent | house (= a man who stays at home to look after children, cook, clean, etc. while his wife works)
VERB + HUSBAND meet That was the day she met her future husband.
marry | be divorced from, be separated from, divorce, leave, walk out on She suddenly walked out on her husband, leaving him to bring up the children.
PHRASES husband and wife They lived together as husband and wife for over thirty years.

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