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hushed /hʌʃt/ adjective [usually before noun]

hush: خاموش کردن ، ارامش دادن ، مخفی نگاهداشتن ، ارام شدن ، صدا د ر نیاوردن ، ساکت ، ارام ، خموش ، باغبانی
Synonyms: calm, halcyon, placid, quiet, still, stilly, untroubled, private, closet, confidential, inside
English Thesaurus: quiet, low, soft, silent, hushed, ...

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hushed /hʌʃt/ adjective [usually before noun]
quiet because people are listening, waiting to hear something, or talking quietly:
A hushed courtroom awaited the verdict.
hushed tones/voice/whispers etc (=quiet speech)
They spoke in hushed tones at the table.

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