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ignore /ɪɡˈnɔː $ -ˈnɔːr/ verb [transitive]

نادیده پنداشتن ، صرفنظر کردن ، تجاهل کردن ، نادیده پنداشتن ، چشم پوشیدن ، رد کردن ، بی اساس دانستن ، برسمیت نشناختن ، علوم مهندسی: چشم پوشی کردن
کامپیوتر: چشم پوشی کردن

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Synonyms: overlook, discount, disregard, neglect, pass over, reject, take no notice of, turn a blind eye to
Related Words: avoid, evade

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ignore S2 W2 AC /ɪɡˈnɔː $ -ˈnɔːr/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: ignorer 'not to know', from Latin, from ignarus 'not knowing, unknown', from in- 'not' + gnoscere 'to know']

1. to deliberately pay no attention to something that you have been told or that you know about:
You can’t ignore the fact that many criminals never go to prison.
problems which we can’t afford to ignore

2. to behave as if you had not heard or seen someone or something:
The phone rang, but she ignored it.
Sam rudely ignored the question.
completely/totally ignore somebody/something
He had completely ignored her remark, preferring his own theory.

In everyday British English, people often say take no notice of something or not take any notice of something rather than ignore something:
There are signs telling you not to smoke, but people don’t take any notice of them.

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ADV. altogether, completely, entirely, quite, totally | almost, practically, virtually | largely | generally | just, simply The government has simply ignored the problem altogether.
consistently | apparently | duly Her mother's opinions on how babies should be cared for were freely given and duly ignored.
easily The diesel fumes from Oxford's buses are not easily ignored.
conveniently (ironic) The managers have conveniently ignored these statistics.
blatantly Safety guidelines had been blatantly ignored.
assiduously, carefully, deliberately, determinedly, pointedly, resolutely, steadfastly, studiously She sat at her desk and studiously ignored me.
blithely, cheerfully He blithely ignored her protests and went on talking as if all were agreed between them.
VERB + IGNORE cannot (afford to) a warning the prime minister cannot afford to ignore
be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | tend to Scientists have tended to ignore these creatures.
try to | choose to The judge chose to ignore the views of the doctors.
PHRASES be widely ignored Safety standards are widely ignored in the industry.
ignore sth at your peril The pernicious effect of this advertising on children is a problem that we ignore at our peril.
ignore the fact that … Did you think I'd ignore the fact that you were suffering from shock?
sth can be safely ignored (ironic) These people occupy such a marginal position in society that the authorities think they can be safely ignored.

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