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ill /ɪl/ adjective
ill- /ɪl/ prefix

ناخوش ، رنجور ، سوء ، خراب ، خطر ناک ، ناشی ، مشکل ، سخت ، بیمار ، زیان اور ، ببدی ، بطور ناقص ، از روی بدخواهی و شرارت ، غیر دوستانه ، زیان ، قانون ـ فقه: مریض
- unwell, ailing, diseased, indisposed, infirm, off-colour, poorly (informal), sick, under the weather (informal), unhealthy
- harmful, bad, damaging, deleterious, detrimental, evil, foul, injurious, unfortunate
- harm, affliction, hardship, hurt, injury, misery, misfortune, trouble, unpleasantness, woe
- badly, inauspiciously, poorly, unfavourably, unfortunately, unluckily
- hardly, barely, by no means, scantily
Antonyms: good, benefit
English Thesaurus: ill, sick, not very well, unwell, poorly, ...

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I. ill1 S3 W2 /ɪl/ adjective
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old Norse; Origin: illr]

1. especially British English suffering from a disease or not feeling well Synonym : sick American English:
Bridget can’t come – she’s ill.
I was feeling ill that day and decided to stay at home.
ill with
Her husband has been ill with bladder trouble.
a hospice for the terminally ill

2. [only before noun] bad or harmful:
Many people consumed the poisoned oil without ill effects.
the neglect and ill treatment of children
He was unable to join the army because of ill health.

3. ill at ease nervous, uncomfortable, or embarrassed:
He always felt shy and ill at ease at parties.

4. it’s an ill wind (that blows nobody any good) spoken used to say that every problem brings an advantage for someone
ill feeling, ill will

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II. ill2 adverb

1. somebody can ill afford (to do) something to be unable to do or have something without making the situation you are in very difficult:
I was losing weight which I could ill afford to lose.
Most gamblers can ill afford their habit.

2. think/speak ill of somebody formal to think or say unpleasant things about someone:
She really believes you should never speak ill of the dead.

3. bode ill formal to give you a reason to think that something bad will happen:
The look on his face boded ill for somebody.

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III. ill3 noun

1. ills [plural] problems and difficulties:
He wants to cure all the ills of the world.

2. [uncountable] formal harm, evil, or bad luck:
She did not like Matthew but she would never wish him ill.

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ill- /ɪl/ prefix
badly or not enough:
ill-concealed boredom
ill-formed sentences

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VERBS be, feel, look | become, be taken, fall, get | make sb I can't eat bananas. They make me ill.
ADV. critically, dangerously, desperately, extremely, gravely, really, seriously, severely, terribly, very His mother is seriously ill in hospital.
almost Robyn was almost ill with excitement and outrage.
pretty, quite, rather, slightly | genuinely | violently She was taken violently ill and had to be put to bed.
acutely | chronically chronically ill patients
fatally, incurably, mortally, terminally a hospice for the terminally ill
mentally, physically the problems faced by mentally ill people

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be ill
What’s wrong? Are you ill?
feel ill
I’ve been feeling ill since I woke up this morning.
look ill
He looked rather ill when I saw him.
become ill (also get ill informal)
She became ill after eating oysters.
fall ill formal (=become ill)
Louise fell ill while she was on holiday.
be taken ill (=become ill suddenly)
Henry was suddenly taken ill and had to go to the hospital.
make somebody ill
I think it was the heat that made me ill.
seriously ill (=very ill)
Any seriously ill patients are usually sent to a state hospital.
gravely ill formal (=extremely ill)
She went to visit her grandfather, who was gravely ill.
critically ill (=so ill that you might die)
He got news that his mother was critically ill in hospital.
terminally ill (=having a very serious illness that you will die from)
He is terminally ill with cancer.
chronically ill (=having a long-term illness that cannot be cured and will not get better)
Chronically ill patients often find it difficult to get travel insurance.
mentally ill (=having an illness of your mind)
Caring for mentally ill people can be challenging.

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BAD: I am being trained to look after ill children.
GOOD: I am being trained to look after sick children.

Usage Note:
Ill (= sick) is usually used after a verb: 'I told the doctor that I felt ill.' 'His father is seriously ill in hospital.'
Before a noun, use sick : 'Your father is a very sick man.'

BAD: He wanted to be with his son who was badly ill.
GOOD: He wanted to be with his son who was seriously ill.

Usage Note:
seriously ill (NOT badly ): 'So far three people have died and five more are seriously ill.'

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See: it's an ill wind that blows nobody good , take ill

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