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impact /ˈɪmpækt/ noun
impact /ɪmˈpækt/ verb [intransitive and transitive]

برخورد کردن ، برخورد ، اصابت گلوله ، بهم فشردن ، پیچیدن ، زیر فشار قرار دادن ، با شدت ادا کردن ، با شدت اصابت کردن ، ضربت ، فشار ، تماس ، اصابت ، اثر شدید ، ضربه ، علوم مهندسی: ضربه زدن ، عمران: ضربه ، معماری: برخورد ، زیست شناسی: نشانزد ، ورزش: ضربه ، علوم هوایی: ضربه ، علوم نظامی: ترکش انفجار
کامپیوتر: ضربه ای

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- collision, blow, bump, contact, crash, jolt, knock, smash, stroke, thump
- effect, consequences, impression, influence, repercussions, significance
- hit, clash, collide, crash, crush, strike
Related Words: brunt, buffet, hit, pound, punch, rap, slap, smiting, strike, stroke, bounce, quake, quiver, rock, shake, tremble, tremor, encounter, meeting
English Thesaurus: effect, impact, influence, side effect, after-effects, ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. impact1 S3 W2 AC /ˈɪmpækt/ noun
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of impingere; impinge]

1. [countable] the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on someone or something
impact on/upon
We need to assess the impact on climate change.
major/significant/profound etc impact
Higher mortgage rates have already had a major impact on spending.
impact of
an international meeting to consider the environmental impacts of global warming
Do not say ‘cause an impact’ on something. Say have an impact on something.

2. [uncountable and countable] the force of one object hitting another:
The force of the impact knocked the breath out of her.

3. on impact at the moment when one thing hits another:
The plane’s wing was damaged on impact.

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II. impact2 AC /ɪmˈpækt/ verb [intransitive and transitive] especially American English
to have an important or noticeable effect on someone or something
impact on/upon
The Food Safety Act will progressively impact on the way food businesses operate.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. effect/impression
ADJ. big, considerable, dramatic, enormous, great, high, huge, important, main, major, massive, powerful, profound, real, significant, strong, substantial, tremendous a high-impact message aimed at changing high risk behaviour among drug-users
limited, marginal, minimal/minimum, negligible | full The industrial north of the country felt the full impact of the recession.
maximum We'll show you how to dress for maximum impact at the all-important audition.
overall, total | growing, increasing | added | disproportionate | uneven the uneven impact of the debt crisis on developing countries
aggregate, combined, cumulative considering the cumulative impact of a series of damaging events
decisive | direct The railways made a direct physical impact on the landscape.
immediate, instant | initial, short-term | lasting, long-term | far-reaching, wider It is important to appreciate the wider impact and implications of this proposal.
future, likely, possible, potential | beneficial, favourable, positive | adverse, catastrophic, damaging, devastating, disastrous, heavy, negative, serious, severe | human The severest human impact on the dolphins has been the loss of habitat.
personal The personal impact of party leaders has been very important.
physical, visual seeking to reduce the visual impact of wind farms on the landscape
cultural, ecological, economic, emotional, environmental, financial, health, political, psychological, social The environmental impact of power generation is being assessed.
VERB + IMPACT achieve, create, exert, have, make Variations in the interest rate will have an impact on the whole housing market. You certainly made a big impact on Carter.
feel The initial impact of the reforms will be felt most keenly in primary schools.
analyse, assess, consider, evaluate, examine, explore, judge, measure, monitor, study It is difficult to judge the likely impact of the changes on employment patterns. | enhance, increase, maximize | alleviate, cushion, lessen, minimize, reduce, soften We are trying to minimize the impact of price rises on our customers.
diminish, lessen, reduce, weaken Listening to the speech through an interpreter lessened its impact somewhat.
lose When peace returned, the hardline message lost much of its impact.
resist, withstand This section explores how mothers resist the impact of poverty on the health of their children.
be concerned about | appreciate | highlight | address | predict | reflect Architecturally, these churches reflected the impact of the Renaissance.
PREP. under the ~ of Manufacturing fell sharply under the impact of the recession.
~ on/upon to highlight the impact of technology on working practices

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II. act/force of one object hitting another
ADJ. full | initial
VERB + IMPACT take The front coach of the train took the full impact of the crash.
feel | absorb A well-designed sports shoe should absorb the impact on the 28 bones in each foot.
lessen, soften Air bags are designed to soften the impact for crash victims.
survive, withstand The crew of six may have survived the initial impact, but the whole plane went up in flames seconds later.
IMPACT + VERB occur Impact occurred seconds after the pilot signalled for help.
knock sb/sth … The impact knocked him off balance.
IMPACT + NOUN speed | crater Small meteorites have left impact craters all over the planet's surface.
PREP. on ~ The front of the car had crumpled on impact.
PHRASES the moment/point/time of impact

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Winning this competition could have a big impact on my life.
His impact was greater than that of the Beatles.
Industry has a huge impact on the environment we live in.
The impact has been enormous on people's daily lives.
New technologies have only had a small impact on the overall level of employment.
minimal/negligible (=very small and not important)
The change in government had a minimal impact in the rural areas of the country.
positive (=having a good effect)
Cuts in federal spending should have a positive impact on America’s economic future.
negative/damaging (=having a bad effect)
The expansion of the airport would have a negative impact on the environment.
disastrous (=a very bad effect)
His leg injury had a disastrous impact on his career as a footballer.
a major/significant impact (=important)
The war had a major impact on French domestic politics.
a profound impact (=very important)
Population growth has a profound impact on world food demand.
an adverse impact formal (=a bad effect)
The loss of forests has had an adverse impact on bird populations.
a real impact informal (=a big impact)
The film made a real impact on cinema audiences.
a lasting impact (=one that lasts for a long time)
The arrival of the railways made a lasting impact on many sectors of the economy.
a long-term impact
Scientists are calculating the long-term impact of the floods.
a short-term/immediate impact
A military attack may only have a short-term impact on terrorist activity.
an emotional/psychological impact
Their mother’s death had a huge emotional impact on the children.
an economic impact
It is difficult to measure the economic impact of the war.
an environmental impact
The environmental impact of the construction project is being investigated.
the full impact of something
South Wales felt the full impact of the recession.
the potential/likely impact
He’s studying the potential impact of climate change.
have an impact
New technology has had a massive impact on our lives.
make an impact
The product quickly made an impact on the market.
feel the impact of something
The industry has felt the impact of rising fuel prices.
reduce/lessen/soften the impact of something (=make it less severe or unpleasant)
The chemical industry is looking at ways to reduce its impact on the environment.
lose impact (=have less effect)
The picture loses impact when it is reduced in size.

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BAD: I doubt whether it will cause an impact on the readers.
GOOD: I doubt whether it will have an impact on the readers.

Usage Note:
Many phrases begin with a very common very such as do, make, have, or take : ‘I felt very nervous about taking the test but, after having a long talk with Mrs Fisher, I decided I would just do my best and try not to make too many silly mistakes .’ These verbs can be combined with some nouns but not with others and since they do not have a clear meaning of their own, choosing the right combination can be a problem. Phrases which tend to cause difficulty are shown below.
have a bath (or esp. AmE take ) ‘She’s probably upstairs having a bath.’
Have (your) breakfast ‘We usually have breakfast in the kitchen.’
Have (your) dinner ‘We had dinner and then went for a walk.’
Have a drink ‘I’ll collapse if I don’t have a drink soon.’
Have (an) experience ‘He has no experience of running a large company.’
Have fun ‘You can’t stop people from having fun.’
Have a holiday ‘It’s almost a year since we had a real holiday.’
Have an interview ‘I’ve had six interviews but no one has offered me a job.’
Have a lesson ‘Every morning we have three fifty-minute lessons.’
Have (your) lunch ‘Isn’t it about time we had lunch?’
Have an operation ‘Before I had the operation I could hardly walk.’
Have a party ‘On Saturday we’re having a party.’
Have a picnic ‘If it’s sunny we could have a picnic.’
Have a shower (or esp. AmE take) ‘It only takes me a minute to have a shower.’
Take/do an examination ‘Why do we have to take so many tests?’
Take (your) medicine ‘Don’t forget to take your medicine.’
Take a pill ‘He refuses to take sleeping pills.’
Take/do a test ‘The last test I took was a disaster.’
Make an effort ‘I had to make a big effort not to laugh.’
Make a journey ‘It was the first journey he’d made all on his own.’
Make a mistake ‘He has made a serious mistake.’
Make a noise ‘How can one small child make so much noise?’
Make progress ‘I made very little progress at the start of the course.’
Do your best ‘Don’t worry, Tim. Just do your best.’
Do (or cause) damage ‘The storm did a lot of damage to the crops.’
Do an exercise ‘Have you done your exercises today?’
Do an experiment ‘To do this experiment, you’ll need two eggs.’
Do (sb) good ‘The holiday has done him a lot of good.’
Do harm ‘A scandal would do his reputation a lot of harm.’
Do your homework ‘Have you done your homework yet?’
Do a job ‘I’ve got one or two jobs to do this evening.’
Do the/some shopping ‘Jake has gone into town to do some shopping.’
Do research ‘We need to do a lot more research.’
Do things ‘We’ve done lots of different things today.’
Do your training ‘Where did you do your training?’
Note also: do something/anything etc: ‘I can’t come now – I’m doing something.’ ‘He hasn’t done anything wrong.'

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