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impatient /ɪmˈpeɪʃənt/ adjective

نا شکیبا ، بی صبر ، بی تاب ، بی حوصله ، بد اخلاق
- hasty, demanding, hot-tempered, impetuous, intolerant
- restless, eager, edgy, fretful, straining at the leash
Antonyms: patient
Contrasted words: enduring, forbearing, tolerant, self-controlled, Spartan, stoic
Related Idioms: all of a stew
Related Words: abrupt, hasty, headlong, impetuous, anxious, edgy, itchy, nervous, irascible, irritable, demanding, harsh

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impatient /ɪmˈpeɪʃənt/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: patienceimpatience, patient; adverb: patientlyimpatiently; adjective: patientimpatient]

1. annoyed because of delays, someone else’s mistakes etc Antonym : patient
become/grow impatient (with somebody/something)
We are growing impatient with the lack of results.
He turned away with an impatient gesture.

2. [not before noun] very eager for something to happen and not wanting to wait
impatient to do something
Alec strode down the street, impatient to be home.
impatient for somebody to do something
He was eager to talk to Shildon and impatient for him to return from lunch.
—impatiently adverb

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VERBS appear, be, feel, seem, sound | become, get, grow The children were growing impatient.
ADV. extremely, really, very | increasingly | almost | a bit, a little, rather, slightly, somewhat, a touch He spoke in a somewhat impatient tone.
PREP. about She's getting impatient about the delays.
at Sean was a touch impatient at the time Valerie devoted to her mother.
for impatient for change
with Sometimes he is very impatient with his wife.

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