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impenetrable /ɪmˈpenətrəbəl, ɪmˈpenɪtrəbəl/ adjective

غیر قابل رسوخ ، سوراخ نشدنی ، داخل نشدنی ، نفوذ نکردنی ، درک نکردنی ، پوشیده
- solid, dense, impassable, impermeable, impervious, inviolable, thick
- incomprehensible, arcane, enigmatic, inscrutable, mysterious, obscure, unfathomable, unintelligible
Antonyms: penetrable
Related Words: firm, solid, substantial

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impenetrable /ɪmˈpenətrəbəl, ɪmˈpenɪtrəbəl/ adjective

1. impossible to get through, see through, or get into:
The trees formed a dark and impenetrable barrier.
the impenetrable blackness of the night

2. very difficult or impossible to understand:
impenetrable legal jargon
—impenetrably adverb
—impenetrability /ɪmˌpenətrəˈbɪləti, ɪmˌpenɪtrəˈbɪləti/ noun [uncountable]

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I. impossible to enter/get through
VERBS appear, be, look, seem | become | find sth They found the jungle virtually impenetrable.
ADV. almost, nearly, virtually

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II. impossible to understand
VERBS be, seem | become | remain | find sth
ADV. almost, virtually | somewhat I find his style somewhat impenetrable.
PREP. to The language of this document would be impenetrable to anyone except a specialist.

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