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implant /ɪmˈplɑːnt $ ɪmˈplænt/ verb
implant /ˈɪmplɑːnt $ -plænt/ noun [countable]

کاشت ، جای دادن ، فرو کردن ، کاشتن ، القاء کردن
زیست شناسی: ایمپلانت ، وسیله ای است حاوی یک هورمون که با قرار دادن آن در بدن( معمولا زیر پوست) بتدریج هورمون آزاد می کند

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- instil, inculcate, infuse
- insert, fix, graft
Related Words: imbue, infuse, ingrain, inoculate, leaven, root, impenetrate, impregnate, penetrate, permeate, pervade, saturate, inspire

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I. implant1 /ɪmˈplɑːnt $ ɪmˈplænt/ verb

1. [transitive] to strongly fix an idea, feeling, attitude etc in someone’s mind or character
implant something in something
A deep sense of patriotism had been implanted in him by his father.

2. [transitive] to put something into someone’s body by performing a medical operation:
Surgeons successfully implanted an artificial hip.
implant something in/into something
A donor egg fertilised by her husband’s sperm will be implanted in her womb.

3. [intransitive] medical if an egg or embryo implants, it begins to develop normally:
The fertilized egg implants and becomes a foetus.
—implantation /ˌɪmplɑːnˈteɪʃən $ -plæn-/ noun [uncountable]

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II. implant2 /ˈɪmplɑːnt $ -plænt/ noun [countable]
something artificial that is put into someone’s body in a medical operation ⇒ transplant:
silicone breast implants

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