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imprint /ˈɪmprɪnt/ noun [countable]
imprint /ɪmˈprɪnt/ verb

حک کردن ، نوشتن ، مهر زدن ، نشاندن ، گذاردن ، زدن ، منقوش کردن ، علوم نظامی: یادداشتهای کنار نقشه
- mark, impression, indentation, sign, stamp
- fix, engrave, etch, impress, print, stamp

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I. imprint1 /ˈɪmprɪnt/ noun [countable]

1. the mark left by an object being pressed into or onto something
imprint of
the imprint of her hand on the soft sand

2. technical the name of a publisher as it appears on a book

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II. imprint2 /ɪmˈprɪnt/ verb

1. [transitive] to print or press the mark of an object on something
imprint something on/in/onto something
One snowy morning, footprints and tyre marks were imprinted in the snow.

2. literary to become fixed in your mind or memory so that you never forget
imprint something on your mind/memory/brain etc
The sight of Joe’s dead body was imprinted on his mind forever.

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ADJ. indelible, permanent | unmistakable
VERB + IMPRINT bear The ceramics bore the imprint of Luca della Robbia.
leave, make Glaciation has left a permanent imprint on the landscape. (figurative) The sinister atmosphere of the place left an indelible imprint on my memory.
PREP. ~ on/upon

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